Victims of 'Canada's Jeffrey Epstein' Robert Miller say he preyed on their poverty & gave '$20 for Barbies' after rapes | The Sun

TWO of the 41 alleged victims, who say a Canadian billionaire sexually exploited them when they were kids, have spoken out to The U.S. Sun.

Robert Miller, 80, is being dubbed as Canada's Jeffrey Epstein, after he was accused in a class action lawsuit of recruiting virgins, as young as 11 years old, and paying them to have sex with him. He has denied all allegations against him.

Miller told employees of Defendant Future Electronics that he “adamantly and vehemently denies the malicious allegations made against him and confirms that they are false" in February 2023 before stepping down as president and CEO.

The sexual encounters allegedly took place in the 1990s and early 2000s.


Victims said the billionaire used drugs and booze to lure them in to the sexual encounters.

A lot of the girls were poor and vulnerable when they met him.

In an exclusive interview with The U.S. Sun, one victim – who is being referred to as Madame 7 in the class action suit – said she was manipulated into the traumatic rendezvous with Miller.

All of the women named in the lawsuit are being referred to as Madame with a corresponding number to protect their identity.

"I tried to forget and bury this traumatic experience as deep as possible inside me," Madame 7 shared.


"I am very sad that I found myself in this situation when I was young, vulnerable, and in need. I have a hard time forgiving myself. I live in shame and regret. I suffer a lot," she added.

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"He learned about my dreams and aspirations to better manipulate me and convince me that he would take care of me, that he would pay for my studies, etc. Since I was living in poverty, I believed his false promises and returned," she continued.

The woman, who experienced physical and sexual violence as a child, was looking for a job to support herself when she first met Miller at 15.

"He was tall and imposing and his ritual was to make me consume alcohol to make me dizzy in order to then abuse me.

"He thought he was a guru, but his only goal was to satisfy his sexual urges. It was disgusting," she said.


"Nothing can ever erase this passage from my life, but I hope that justice will be done so that I can finally turn the page on this horrible chapter of my life and teach a lesson to these rich and powerful men who destroy lives while thinking everything permit," the woman shared.

A second woman, named as Madame 46 in the lawsuit, told The U.S. Sun that she was 12-years-old when Miller sexually abused her and robbed her of her innocence for the first time.

He was in his early 30s at the time.

"He preferred virgins. Younger girls. He preferred innocence," the woman said.

"It was almost like a trophy for him to take these young girl's virginity," she added.

She described the Canadian billionaire as tall, handsome, and very well-spoken.

"It's like you can't understand how it's possible that a man like this is capable of doing the things that he's done. He was a chameleon," she said.

Madame 46 has alleged that Miller asked her if she had ever seen a penis before their first sexual encounter.

He then convinced her to perform oral sex on him before one thing led to another, and he had sex with her.

"I was never exposed to anything like that. I remember crying, because I was so confused as to what was happening," she said.

"He kept on telling me it's ok this is normal, and kept saying it's our little secret," Madame 46 said.

When the act was done, Miller allegedly gave the then 12-year-old $20 and told her to go buy something nice.

"He said go get a Barbie or something," the woman said.

Madame 46 didn't tell her parents about the incident.

"I was humiliated. I felt dirty," she said emotionally.

The sexual encounters became a regular occurrence.

They allegedly happened from the time she was 12 until she turned 17.

"He was like a fishing rod. He just kept on pulling me back," she said.

At one point, the girl told Miller she was going to have to tell somebody about their sexual encounters, as she was having negative feelings about what was happening, and he laughed at her.

"He said who's going to believe you? I'm a businessman and you're a kid.

He laughed at the fact that I thought my parents or the police would believe me," she said.

So she didn't speak about it to anyone – until now.

Madame 46 stopped seeing Miller when she became an adult and had the full mental capacity to realize she was being taken advantage of.

The woman, who's now a mother herself, said she's disgusted that the wealthy businessman took advantage of her – and dozens of other girls – when they were so young.

"To me, he was a wolf in sheep's clothing. He was a very smart man, but a coward at the same time.

"He was able to manipulate all of these people, and in my case, I call it brainwashing.

"You hear about the Epstein's and Weinstein's and men with power who got away with all these things to all these women," she said.

When Miller realized Madame 46 wasn't going to partake in his sexual rendezvous anymore, the woman said he handed her a fat envelope stuffed with $10,000 cash in it.

"He said I'm giving you this and you just make sure you keep your mouth shut," she said.

"I was so revolted and felt cheap and all the other words – I thought I can't keep this money anymore. It's part of him.

"I threw it down the garbage shute. I didn't want anything to do with this many ever again," she said.

The woman urges any parent who learns about her story to talk to their kids about the importance of not being afraid to tell an adult if something like this happens to them – because it happens more than people realize, and no child should have to suffer in silence.

"For these younger kids, find someone you can speak with. Go to the police. Not to be scared," she said. "It somebody touches them, it's not their fault, it's the predator – not the victim's fault."

Madame 46 said she hopes Miller won't be able to "buy his way out" of this, and the victims will get justice.

"He took away my innocence. I wasn't a happy-go-lucky kid anymore. Because of him, he ruined it," she said.


Forty-one women are currently named in the lawsuit – which is seeking around $200 million from the electronics tycoon – however, there are other women who have alleged similar experiences with Miller.

Jeff Orenstein, who is an attorney for the plaintiff in the class action lawsuit, has told The U.S. Sun that he expects the number of victims to grow to at least 50, as more women have already come forward with allegations.

"There is definitely power in numbers.  And people feel comfortable telling their stories, that they have kept bottled up inside for years, when they realize that they are not alone," said Orenstein.

He hopes the lawsuit will provide some closure for the victims.

"We are hoping to achieve justice," he said.


"In a civil action, the only thing we are able to do is obtain monetary damages. However, in addition to asking for compensatory damages, we have asked for a significant punitive damage award so as to signal to the world that this conduct, if proven in court, is reprehensible."

Miller is the founder of the technology company Future Electronics Inc., one of Quebec’s largest privately owned companies and the third largest electronics distributor in the world.

It was announced in September that he is in the process of selling the company for an estimated $3.8 billion.

He has vehemently denied all of the allegations against him.

The staggering number of signed affidavits of alleged victims in this case makes a denial seem implausible, said Orenstein, adding that a judge will decide the final outcome.

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