SUPER Royalists are already camping outside Buckingham Palace – vowing to stay for the whole ten days of mourning.

Dedicated Queen followers John Loughrey, 67, Maria Scott, 51, and Sky London, 62, are sleeping in tents on The Mall – where they plan to stay until after The Queen’s funeral.

The trio – among the country’s most devoted Royal-followers – are sleeping on air beds, in two-man tents just 100 yards from Victoria Monument.

They have met The Queen three times, seen her countless times, and have been saving for this “expedition” for years – dreading the moment the Monarch finally died.

After following the Royals for 20 years they have a slick set-up of tents, umbrellas and camping chairs – and a network of cafes and takeaways – to ensure them front-row seats for history.

Mum-of-two Maria – a full-time carer – who arrived on Thursday, has travelled 245-miles from Gateshead to pay her respects.

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The Queen fanatic told The Sun: “We’re here for the whole ten days – we just have to be.

“The three of us go to all these Royal events together and we’re not afraid to sleep on the path to be in line to see The King.

“We’re very comfortable – we have a blow up bed and food from nearby shops. It’s a small price to pay to be here.

“The Queen has been such a constant presence in our lives. She’s got the country through so much.

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“My parents had a portrait of the queen on the wall when I was growing up and I always sang the National Anthem at school.

“People forget just how much a part of our lives she has been for so long.”

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Retired chef John Loughrey, of Streatham, London, said: “We’re doing the whole ten days of mourning on The Mall

“We’ll take it in turns to pay our respects to Her Majesty’s coffin so we can keep our place.”

John – who attended every day of Diana’s six-month inquest – added: “When she comes down the Mall in her coffin – that’s when I will believe she has gone. Not until then.

“I miss her and miss her presence. She was the mother of the country and the world and I respect that hugely. There will never be another monarch like her.”

Retired pet shop owner Sky London, 62, of Paddington, London, said: “There are events every single day and we want to be there for it all

“Ten days of a 70-year reign is nothing and it’s time to pay our respects. We just need to say ‘thank you ma’am.”

The dedicated Royal-followers camped for a month to mark Diana’s birthday – as would have been – one year.

Prince William came out of Kensington Palace and privately thanked them.

They were all in line for the birth and presentation of throne-heir Prince George and have covered Royal Weddings, Jubilees and funerals together.

Maria has previously met The Queen on her 90th birthday Windsor, when her daughter presented her with roses at Windsor Castle.

She has previously met William, Kate and Prince Harry on visits to Sunderland and Gateshead.

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John has met Queen twice – once in 2004 at the opening of the Memorial Fountain for Diana in Hyde Park and at The Queen’s 90th birthday, at Windsor Castle.

He has met all the other Royals.

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