TWO teens hope to become Rock Paper Scissors professionals after playing it every day for four years.

Matthew McVeigh and William Mutch, both 16, chose it as a topic for a class presentation as a joke in Year Seven.

But after researching it further they became hooked, play every day and are in a league at their school with up to 25 children a day.

The lads hope to expand interest outside school and want a crack at the junior world championships.

Matthew, of Ryton, Tyne and Wear, said: “It’s all about working out opponents’ subconscious patterns and reading their behaviour.

“We’ve been playing for so long now we know the ins and outs of the psychology behind it and we’re always taking money off our mates.

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“One day we hope to appear at the junior world championships and claim the title. That’s the dream but, for now, we have our GCSEs to focus on.”

The hand game originated in China in about 1600.

Pro contests are run by the World Rock Paper Scissors Association.

Its rules state players can “confuse” opponents by giving hints, taunts or wearing costumes.

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