What is TikTok's 'low pony-tail' hack?

TIKTOK is renowned for its quirky lifestyle hacks.

So let's take a look at the latest hair hack to produce a stylish twist on the low pony-tail.

This trick is great for anyone looking to make their hair look fuller and elevate the basic everyday look.

The video was posted by the TikTok account @hairtransformation, dubbing themselves as the number one source for hair style to their 1.6 million followers.

Captioned "too easy", the hair hack has been viewed more than 6.8 million times and has been liked by almost 318k.

To test the hack, all you need is a small elastic hairband.

To start, pull the upper half of your hair into a ponytail and secure with the elastic.

From there, split the ponytail into two sections above the elastic, then thread the ponytail up the middle and through the gap.

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The next part requires meticulous concentration.

Push your thumb and pointer finger from one hand through the same gap at the top of the ponytail, then with the other hand, pull the remaining untied hair towards your finger and thumb.

Then thread the untied hair through the gap for it to settle over the top layer of the hair and voila!

This hack works for those with thick or fine hair, layered or curly hair – giving your hair an effortless revamp in just minutes!

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