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KEVIN LANE was given a life-long prison sentence for murdering Robert Magill.

However, Lane claims that he is not guilty of this act and in hopes that he gets his sentence turned around, he wrote a book titled, Fitted Up And Fighting Back.

Who is Kevin Lane?

Kevin Lane was given a life sentence for a hitman murder committed back in 1994.

After two trials, he was convicted by a majority verdict of murdering Robert Magill via a contract shooting in Hertfordshire.

Robert Magill was known for his involvement in protection rackets and after his murder, witnesses saw two men with a mask running away in a red BMW.

The allegedly getaway BMW was traced and a palm print which matched Lane was found on a bin-liner found in the boot.

Kevin Lane was not the first one suspected but it was Roger Vincent and David Smith.

However, in 1995, following the development of the palm print, Vincent and Lane were the ones charged with murder with Vincent acquitted at a subsequent trial.


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Lane and Smitted were sentenced to life in 2005 after they were found further guilty of killing David King, a suspected police informer.

Both men have denied their involvement in the Magill murder and in his book, Lane reveals some details about the cases.

He revealed documents there were held secret under the public interest immunity regulations that show details of Vincent's conversations with one of the investigating officers, who ended up in jail too.

He highlights a similarity between the two killings too as he wrote: "In the Magill murder a witness describes one of the men brazenly smiling as he drove away from the scene.

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"In the King murder, a witness refers to one of the killers 'waving a salute' in her direction as he changed vehicle."

He also mentions in great detail DS Chris Spackman who was jailed in 2003 for plotting to steal £160,000 from the Hertfordshire police – this money was seized from criminals.

Lane and Spackman had previously encountered each other when he was 21.

Spackman arrested Lane after being connected to a car-ringing operation.

Spackman's criminal acts made him unreliable in the cases in that he was previously involved, with Robert Evans, who was counsel for the men involved in the case, saying: "In my opinion, Mr Spackman's accounts in the interview show a history of dishonesty and a history of tampering or falsifying police record in cases he was involved in."

How long did Kevin Lane spend in prison?

In his book, Lane mentions times when landed behind bars for smaller offences, however, he claims that he is innocent of the Magill murder.

He said that it wouldn't be reasonable to use the car that he was driving his family around a few days before as a getaway vehicle.

His son's fingerprints were also found in the car, as he wrote: "Wouldn't it be simply unbelievable that I'd choose a car I had been driving my family about in just a few days before?"

He also noted how he was explained to be "an extremely dangerous man who has undoubtedly committed other murders" at the trialone in which the detectives spoke to the court.

Lane was released from jail in 2015, however, he returned in 2020 after his arrest for a separate common assault charge.

What has Kevin Lane said?

Kevin Lane has spoken about how as the Covid-19 crisis hit the world, more awareness about mental health has been made.

Having been locked up for a murder that he claims he did not commit, infuriated him because people do not look out for a prisoner's mental health.

Prisoners are not only locked up with nowhere to go during a lockdown because of a pandemic but they're locked up for many years, some for the rest of their lives.

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He said: "The Covid-19 crisis has reported concerns for the public's mental health due to being housebound.

"Really! I think to myself what do they think being locked up in a concrete coffin for years and years does to a person?"

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