Woman’s stomach-churning video reveals how filthy your rug really is – as it fills TWO baths with muddy water

ONE woman’s stomach-churning video revealed how filthy your rug really is – as she filled TWO baths with muddy water.

After cleaning the rug out in the tub didn't work, she decided to take it to the carwash to try and wash it out.

The rug-washing mania was shared by TikToker @ursbby, whose name is Ursula, according to her profile.

In her first video, Ursula showed the rug – which she said belongs to her boyfriend and is from the 1970s – rolled up in a bathtub.

She said she was trying to "laundry strip" it.

Laundry stripping is when clothes, towels or other items are soaked in the tub to try and get rid of any leftover debris, revealing leftover residue or muck that may be hiding on your items.

Ursula revealed how the water instantly turned brown as she filled the tub.

She said in text over the video: "it was so gross i had to drain it after 1 minute and then rinsed it of and I didn't even use soap."

The TikToker then drained the water – revealing dirt at the bottom of the tub – and filled it a second time.

Again, the water instantly turned the tub a sickening yellow-brown.

In another clip, she soaked the rug again – this time with soap.

After 30 minutes, the water was still a murky brown color.

She left it overnight – and showed the water was a dark brown color the next morning.

In a third clip, she sprayed the rug with carpet cleaner and scrubbed it with a brush.

She then tossed the rug in the tub again – and revealed more dirt still was left behind after draining the bath.

The TikToker then hung the rug out to dry.

Several people in the comments on her videos suggested she take the rug to a car wash and hang it on clips and try to clean it that way.

In a next video, Ursula did just that – and documented the process as she hung the rug on clips and used soap and water to clean it.

The rug fell on the ground – but she kept washing it as she said it was to heavy to pick up and put back on the clilps.

Dirty water came out of the rug as she rinsed it out.

She and her friend then brushed some of the excess water out, and stomped on the rolled-up rug to try and get as dry as possible.

Ursula then revealed they put the rolled rug on the roof of the car to get it home, and they vacuumed some of the extra water out.

She then hung it out to dry.

In the comments of her latest video, she said the rug is "getting there" as someone said it looks cleaner.

As one person wrote the rug looks "kinda clean," Ursula commented that she thinks she's going to buy a power washer to try and clean it.

People were mortified by how dirty the rug was – and said they dread they day they clean their own.

One person wrote in the comments of her first video: "that's not a rug ma'am that's a tea bag."

Another person said: "Sometimes it's okay to buy new things."

"I fear when I need to eventually clean my rug from the 1980s," one person said.

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