World’s worst home DIY displays prove some people really should leave it to the professionals

But these botched makeovers will cost thousands of pounds to repair.

While tracking down a good builder can be tricky, it turns out that finding shocking do-it-yourself home improvement enthusiasts is really easy.

From ending staircases at walls to installing bathtubs in cupboards, when it comes to DIY failures, these amateurs have got it nailed.

One wannabe builder has put in a toilet leaving no room to sit, while another has built a vertigo-inducing driveway.

Another in the gallery below has left access to their new garage blocked off, because a large tree has been left to grow in front of the door.

Masculine vibe

Blocked up

DIY don't:

No parking



Dead end

No building approval

Another brick in the wall

On a roll

Water they thinking?

Fasten your seatbelt

What a drip

Knotty situation

Tap's not the way to install a bath…





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