Young yobs bagged up 22-year-old cat and dumped her in wheelie bin
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    Kids were seen shoving a 22-year-old cat into a plastic bag before dumping the feline in a wheelie bin.

    Adorable Frankie was fished out of the bin by a neighbour in Wymondham, Norfolk, on Saturday (July 15). The rescuer then took her to Feline Care Cat Rescue who set about reuniting the cat with her owners, ITV reported.

    Police have been informed about the shocking incident and people living nearby were asked to check CCTV and video doorbell footage in a bid to track down the children responsible.

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    Feline Care Cat Rescue owner Molly Farrar put out an appeal on Facebook, saying: "We're sure someone must know who she is, please help us find her people.

    "This old lady needs to be home ASAP."

    The rescue centre also scanned the cat's microchip although sadly it was not up to date – revealing an old address and her previous name Cleo.

    Luckily her owners were found. It transpired the cat had been renamed Frankie 17 years ago after her previous owners abandoned her and moved.

    The rescue centre updated its followers on Facebook and said: "Her microchip was not up to date because her vets had never found the chip, but with good reason. It was implanted in May 2011 and had moved all the way down to her elbow.

    "Her owners were amazed to find out her real date of birth, two years older than they thought.

    "They won't be letting her outdoors again, unless closely supervised."

    According to the BBC, CCTV footage has now been checked. Farrar said so far they have been unable to identify the culprits, but hoped their parents would "help them learn why it was not OK".

    In a comment shared by the rescue centre, Frankie's owners said: "We are so pleased to have her home. She is jumping from lap to lap, getting all the fuss she can."

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