Inside filthy Pizza Hut where mouse POO was found in kitchen and dough machine

A PIZZA Hut restaurant was closed and fined £8k after its kitchen was found covered in mouse droppings.

Disgusted health inspectors found a dead mouse in the cellar as well as poo on the preparation area and in the dough-proving machine at the Swansea diner.

Mould was also found on the walls and damp in the cellar leading to health chiefs shutting the restaurant down as it posed "an immediate risk of injury to health."

Prosecutor Sarah Thyer told a hearing how food and debris covered the floor and the chiller was encrusted with grime.

She said: "There was evidence of an extensive and active mouse infestation"

She said takeaway pizza boxes were stored in a way that "exposed them to contamination from rodent feaces."

The restaurant was deep cleaned and disinfected the following day and the restaurant was later allowed to reopen.

The franchise is run by food company Sania PH who admitted breaking six food hygiene laws at Swansea Magistrates’ Court.

Ieuan Rees, defending, said it was the first time the franchise had experienced such problems at one of its restaurants.

He said the situation was remedied within 48 hours.

The court heard the restaurant has since been awarded the highest hygiene rating of five.

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