40 Times Lupita Nyong'o Was Just Everything You've Ever Wanted to Be in Life

When She Looked. Like. THIS.

Lupita Nyong’o has definitely had an awesome few years — going from an almost complete unknown to becoming an Oscar winner and People magazine’s most beautiful person of the year and a Broadway star. If that wasn’t amazing enough, she’s also part of the massive Star Wars movie franchise and the equally massive Marvel Universe (Wakanda forever!)

We’re certainly glad that Lupita is still having a moment, because she is one of our favorite celebrities to watch (and not just because of her incredible acting talent and gorgeous sense of style). The 35-year-old has lots of cute moments on the red carpet with costars, and she’s even more adorable when playing around on her must-follow Instagram account and winning over A-listers at events. Keep reading for all the times Lupita proved she was basically perfect.

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