Air France Pilots Suspended After Fist-Fighting in the Cockpit

Another fight on a plane, but there’s a twist on an Air France flight … the brawl was between the 2 pilots.

The captain and co-pilot of an A320 which took off from Geneva for Paris exchanged blows in the cockpit while the plane was in the air!

The melee went down shortly after takeoff … the flight attendants apparently heard the commotion and somehow entered the cockpit to break up the fight.

It appears a crew member sat in the cockpit with the 2 pilots for the remainder of the flight to make sure they didn’t go another round.

It’s unclear what triggered the fight, but an Air France spokesperson called it “totally inappropriate behavior” — a spectacular understatement, right?

The 2 pilots were suspended.

Air France has had its issues lately … the government oversight agency cited safety shortcuts, including one incident where the fuel tank was short 1.4 tons.

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