Amanda Holden flaunts cleavage in cut-out dress at show with mum

Amanda Holden looked as glamorous as ever as she arrived at the theatre

Amanda Holden flaunted hints of her cleavage through strategically placed cut-outs in her figure-hugging black dress, as she prepared for a night of entertainment to remember at London’s Duke of York Theatre.

Amanda Holden, 52, has vowed to make the most of her sex appeal all the way up to her pensioner years, and tonight was no exception.

Heading to the Shirley Valentine press night show in London with her mother Judith Harrison, she donned a black dress with cut-out sections revealing her waist and cleavage.

Sheridan Smith, who once had an on-screen romance with Death in Paradise’s Ralf Little in their Two Pints of Lager and A Packet of Crisps days, has already begun her 12-week-long stint portraying Shirley.

The one-character play details the trials and tribulations of a Liverpool housewife, both before and after she experiences a transformative holiday that changes her world.

As Amanda and Judith rocked up to the Duke of York Theatre in London, they were all smiles in anticipation of an entertaining night ahead.

Amanda Holden was joined by her 72-year-old mother

Amanda Holden’s mum Judith looked equally fabulous for her age, as she rocked a head of natural white hair and donned a fitted blue satin suit, paired with trainers for extra comfort. Like her famous daughter, Judith seems to have star quality, as she and Amanda’s step-dad have previously worked as extras in TV shows including EastEnders, Doc Martin and Poldark.

Amanda Holden and her mum come from humble beginnings

Despite now being a multimillionaire, before Amanda Holden had taken her first step onto the fame ladder, she and her family didn’t have a lot of money. On Alan Carr’s Life’s A Beach Holiday podcast, she admitted that her mum had once asked her to swipe cereal to ensure they had enough to eat.

Amanda Holden changed outfits multiple times today

For Amanda Holden’s Heart FM breakfast radio show earlier in the day, which she shares with co-hosts Ashley Roberts and Jamie Theakston, she dressed in a monochromatic bright red trouser suit, with her bag, shoes and coat all matching the colour theme.

There’s never a dull moment with Amanda Holden’s wardrobe choices

Last week, Amanda Holden wowed in another red two-piece for the Superdrug Beauty Festival. She was one of the event’s most respected guests, having recently launched a Beauty Favourites Edit palette of the best beauty items, in collaboration with Revolution PRO.

Amanda Holden’s ambition is to continue to look glam no matter how old she gets

Amanda Holden has insisted that she wants to receive wolf whistles and attention from both genders with her eye-catching wardrobe choices in the years to come – and so far, her fans praise that she’s doing an excellent job. 

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