I'm a dog trainer… here's why you SHOULDN'T use treats to reward good behaviour – my free method is much better | The Sun

A PROFESSIONAL dog trainer has revealed why you shouldn't use treats to reward your dog with good behaviour.

Zak George said owners might be making a "huge mistake" if they use the pet-friendly snacks when training their dog.

Having had a successful career writing books on how to have a well-behaved dog, Zak now uses TikTok to spread his hints and tips.

His account is dedicated to training dogs that haven't been taught anything.

And now he's revealed the best way for your furry friend to learn is through play because it's "natural".

In a recent video shared to his 400,000 followers, Zak advised against rewarding with treats and said play is more beneficial.


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He said: "If your dog loves to play and you're not using play, you're likely missing out on one of the most effective ways to train your dog.

"Play is a natural and instinctive behaviour for so many dogs and for these dogs it's essential for their mental, physical and emotional well being.

"Dogs must be free to behave in ways like this that are natural to them in ways we find acceptable."

Zak said the easiest way for him to introduce play as a reward was by tugging a rope with the dog.

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He added: "One of the ways that I introduced play very early on in the training process is teaching tug and let go.

"Then you can use things like a five second game of tug with your dog where you might otherwise have been using treats.

"When you're using play to reinforce good behaviour you're making training extra fun for your dog."

The video was flooded with hundreds of comments.

One user said: "I use treats mostly and sometimes toys, depending on the situation – but he likes food more than toys."

Another added: "He is really smart, I'm doing that too.

"[I've] never used treats, only the ball."

Meanwhile a third commented: "Wish I'd known this sooner. I finally realised that I can make 10 times the amount of progress when I reinforce with play over treats."

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