Ariel Winter Shares Her Plans For Life After ‘Modern Family’

Ariel Winter is ready for whatever comes next in her life!

The 22-year-old actress spilled on her post-Modern Family plans and how she’s been preparing herself.

“This is new territory for me. I was doing something very specific for so long. Now I have to reset my mind and retrain myself to be in that place of, ‘All right, I am ready to look for the next thing.’ I am ready to work,” Ariel told Teen Vogue.

She continued, “I am ready to do everything I can. I am ready to be in the right mindset to go in there again and be able to face the rejection that will come, and be able to move past that and go to the next audition and be ready for it. And be ready for things in my personal life. Just living.”

As for the most important thing? “I want to stay the same person I am. It’s way more rewarding at the end of the day. I want to stay the person I am, work hard, and see what happens.”

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