I’m a bed expert – here’s how to stop nasty mould from building in your bed frame and drawers for just 20p | The Sun

A BED EXPERT has revealed the super easy 20p hack to stop mould from building in your bed frame and drawers.

While you may not have thought about cleaning your bedframe regularly before, you can often find spots of mould and mildew hidden in the most unsuspecting places.

And bed expert, Martin Seeley, the CEO at MattressNextDay said: “The dark, warm environment of bed drawers is the perfect place for mould and mildew to grow.

“Once it starts, it can spread quickly and can ruin the belongings that you've safely stored away – clothes and bedding may become unusable and may need throwing out."

Fortunately, he shared eight tips with the Express to keep your bedframe mould free.

The bed expert recommended removing devan drawers to clean them on a hot summer's day so they can dry out.


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This will prevent the mould from travelling around the house while you clean them.

The pro also recommended wearing gloves, goggles and a mask to avoid inhaling or touching any mould spores.

Next, is all about the cleaning solution, Martin recommended using vinegar over bleach as it stops it from growing underneath the surface and won't damage the wood.

You can purchase vinegar for as little as £1 from The Range, 150ml of the product will cost just 20p to use.

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To start cleaning them, first, mist the drawers with water and use a hard brush to remove any discoloured specs.

The expert claimed: “Misting the drawers with water will reduce the amount of mould released into the air. Next, you can spray your homemade cleaning mixture and leave it.”

Spray the vinegar onto the drawers and let it sit for a couple of hours, wipe it down with a damp cloth, followed by a dry towel.

If there is still mould on the drawers create a solution using a tablespoon of borax and 240ml boiled water. 

Use a brush to remove the mould and mist it with the solution to prevent the mould from returning.

The bed experts suggested letting the drawers air dry completely before putting them back into the bedframe.

He warned: “Putting them back in your bed still damp is a sure way for mould to return – you can dry them in the sunlight for a few days for peace of mind.”

To ensure mould doesn't come back, he recommended keeping the drawers as empty as possible to allow air to circulate.

Once a month, households should give their drawers a thorough wipe-down.

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Remove everything and spray them down with a household cleaner that can be used on wood.

Allow them to dry fully before filling them and putting them away.

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