Boxing Star Conor Benn Cleared Of Doping, Overeating Eggs Caused Dirty Urine

conor benn

Here’s a new one — boxing star Conor Benn has been cleared of doping allegations stemming from failed drug tests last year … after officials determined the popped sample was due to eating too many eggs!!

The 21-0 (14 KOs) fighter vowed to clear his name after clomiphene was found in his urine three days before his October fight against Chris Eubank Jr. … which ultimately led to the event being postponed.

Chris Eubanks Jr. vs Conor Benn

FYI, clomiphene is a fertility drug … but it can elevate testosterone levels while burning fat in men.

After a thorough investigation, the World Boxing Council announced Wednesday the British boxer has been cleared of doping … after the organization concluded his egg-heavy diet “raised a reasonable explanation for the Adverse Finding.”

The WBC also reinstated Benn in the rankings … as officials found zero evidence his actions were intentional.

“The WBC Nutrition Committee will work with Mr. Benn’s team to design a nutrition program geared to avoid the risk of a future adverse finding caused by nutritional factors,” the org. said in its statement.

Safe to say Benn will be switching up his egg intake moving forward.

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