Brazilian Influencer Luana Andrade Dead At 29 After Getting Liposuction

Brazilian reality star and influencer Luana Andrade has passed away at the shockingly young age of just 29 years old — reportedly after getting liposuction.

According to local media outlet Globo 1, the television personality suffered from cardiac arrest roughly two and a half hours into an “aesthetic procedure” at São Luiz Hospital in São Paulo on Monday. The medical staff resuscitated her, took her for tests, and found she had thrombosis. Luana was then transported to the intensive care unit.

Sadly, she didn’t make it. Luana died from a “massive pulmonary embolism” on Tuesday morning. Awful. The hospital said in a statement to the outlet:

“Patient Luana Andrade was admitted, accompanied by her family, on Monday afternoon to the unit for a liposuction procedure, carried out by a private surgeon and anesthetist hired by the family. After approximately two and a half hours of surgery, the patient presented with an abrupt respiratory event and went into cardiac arrest, being immediately resuscitated by the team.”

They explained:

“The surgery was interrupted, and the patient underwent tests that revealed massive thrombosis. She was transferred to the ICU, where she underwent medication and hemodynamic treatment. Despite all the efforts of the hospital team, she progressed unfavorably and died around 5:30 a.m. today . The cause of death was massive pulmonary embolism.”

So, so sad. The Mayo Clinic states that a pulmonary embolism is “a blood clot that blocks and stops blood flow to an artery in the lung,” adding:

“In most cases, the blood clot starts in a deep vein in the leg and travels to the lung.”

Since her death, a wake was held for her at the Valle dos Reis Cemetery in São Paulo on Wednesday. For those who don’t know, Luana was a social media star with 558,000 followers on Instagram. She starred in Season 6 of the Brazilian reality show Power Couple with her boyfriend of two years, João Hadad.

João was understandably devastated over her death. He took to Instagram to share an emotional tribute to Luana, writing alongside a black-and-white photo of the pair in Paris:

“I’m torn and living my worst nightmare. A piece of me is gone. It is with great regret and a lot of pain in my heart that I say goodbye to my Luana, my princess, my beautiful… Today, it is difficult to understand God’s plans, and I do not know when and if I will ever process the absence you will make in my life and in the lives of a legion of people who loved your presence. You are my sunshine princess I ask that you continue to watch over me and all of us from above. I will love you always and forever! I love you, I love you, I love you…”

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We’re keeping her loved ones in our thoughts. Rest in peace, Luana.

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