Brian Laundrie Notebook 'Unlikely' To Yield New Evidence In Gabby Petito Murder, Says Federal Prosecutor

Is it time to give up hope that we’ll ever know what really happened to Gabby Petito?

For those who aren’t up to date on the case, when Brian Laundrie was found dead in October, it was a huge blow to Gabby’s loved ones. Her family and friends had all been hoping the manhunt would end with Brian brought in safely — so he could reveal the truth about what happened to his fiancée. His death by apparent suicide took that chance with it.

The last chance we were all waiting on was the notebook which was found with his body. Among the possessions near his remains in the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park was a personal notebook, possibly a diary. There was hope it might have some kind of suicide note, confession, explanation, something. Unfortunately, it was found (by Brian’s father) outside of his dry bag. It was soaked in Florida swamp water.

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The last we heard from FBI sources, the notebook had been considered “possibly salvageable,” and techs were working on getting anything they could from the pages.

Well, that hope may have just been crushed.

Fox News reported on Chris and Roberta Laundrie‘s bid to get Brian’s possessions back from the authorities on Wednesday. They got a clarification from attorney Steven Bertolino — who previously confirmed the family were trying to get the notebook — that this was different from the legal hurdles to get his money. He explained:

“The petition is simply to administer his estate, which is primarily the bank account. The return of property by law enforcement is separate.”

Got it. Makes sense as the estate bid is just to legally get access. To get the notebook and everything else back, the FBI actually has to agree there’s no more value to any of it as evidence. And the investigation actually has not been closed as of yet.

But one expert says we shouldn’t be holding our breath on that end.

Former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani spoke to the outlet, and his assessment of the whole notebook situation was pretty dire. He said:

“It is unlikely the notebook’s contents are legible if they were underwater for weeks. Laundrie’s body was described as skeletal ‘remains’ and the FBI needed dental records to identify him. The human body can withstand water and wildlife better than paper.”

True, and something we’ve feared for some time. Of course, that’s if they were underwater for weeks. If they weren’t, say, taken out of the dry bag at the last minute and forced underwater… Just sayin’.

The FBI responded by saying it had no comment on the case — which, as we said, is still open.

Are YOU still holding out hope??

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