Camron Issues Warning for Ex-GFs Who Are Looking for Sympathy From His Ruthless Mother

The 46-year-old rapper and actor from Harlem issues the warning on his Instagram account by sharing a screenshot of text messages between his mother and one of his former lovers.

AceShowbizCam’ron let his former partners know that they won’t be able to look for sympathy from his mother. Taking to social media, the “Oh Boy” hitmaker issued a warning for his ex-girlfriends to not speak to his “ruthless” mom.

Making use of Instagram on Tuesday, October 4, the 46-year-old shared a screenshot of text messages between his mom and one of his exes. In the chat, the alleged ex told Ms. Giles that she would die for the emcee and asked why he would hurt her.

In response, Cam’ron’s mom wrote, “I explained to u before but u don’t want to accept it. You were nobody special. Y’all come a dime a dozen. You hurt yourself. You’re the one who said you’re not letting go [crying laughing emojis]. Letting go of what???”

Seemingly surprised by Ms. Giles’ response, the ex wrote back, “Wow ! Lol at someone hurt,” before adding, “I’m not trying to make an argument or be disrespectful at all.” The rapper’s mom then stressed, “Edited to ‘I explained to u before but u don’t want to accept it. You were nobody special.’ “

“You never have been disrespectful or argumentative, you’re just hard headed,” she continued. “I’ve always tried to be honest & upfront with you. You need help.”

When the woman penned, “You say you being honest , he says why would I listen to you,” Ms. Giles responded, “Well, as the saying goes…’the proof is in the pudding.’ “

In the caption of the post, Cam’ron declared, “Attention!!! females I may have dealt with in the past, I’m telling you for ya own sanity, once we stop speaking do not try to hit my mom @virgie_og.” He then emphasized, “You’ll be doing yaself a disservice.”

“She doesn’t care about how u feel. And she’s out for blood!! Lol Im really the nice guy, she’s ruthless @virgie_og,” the record executive and actor elaborated further. “I DO NOT ENDORSE THIS MESSAGE.”

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