Chicago White Sox And Cleveland Guardians Get Into Bench Clearing Fight

Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Guardians

The Cleveland Guardians and Chicago White Sox game Saturday night turned into a wild bench clearing melee after two opposing players got into a brawl in the middle of the field.

It all started in the sixth inning when Guardians slugger Jose Ramirez smacked a double, diving headfirst into second base before White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson tagged him.

Ramirez was clearly safe … yet it didn’t stop him from getting up and sticking his finger in Anderson’s face. Unclear why Ramirez was so angry … but things turned ugly after that.

Anderson threw his glove down and put his dukes up ready to fight. Ramirez squared off against him before the two started throwing punches at each other as both teams flooded the field from their dugouts.

Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Guardians

Ramirez clocked Anderson in the face, knocking him on his butt. Their teammates jumped in and held them back, putting an end to the brief boxing match.

An umpire ejected both players from the game at Progressive Field in Cleveland. The hometown crowd shouted in support of Ramirez — the Guardian’s third baseman — as he walked off the field.

Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Guardians

By the way … the White Sox beat the Guardians 7 to 4.

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