Christine McGuinness explains heartbreaking reason why kids wont enjoy traditional Christmas dinner

Christine McGuinness has opened up on why she will be serving fish and chips to her kids on Christmas Day.

The 35 year old TV personality revealed she would be cooking the unorthodox meal for her children on 25 December because of their ‘sensory issues’. Christine and her ex-husband Paddy McGuinness share three children – twins Leo and Penelope, 10, and Felicity, seven, all of whom have been diagnosed with autism.

The model, who was herself also diagnosed with autism in 2021, has previously spoken of how her children struggle to eat different types of foods and so normally stick to similar things each day. Autism refers to a range of conditions characterised by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviours and communication – while people with the condition can be hypersensitive to textures, tastes and smells.

In a now-deleted social media post, Christine explained why she had chosen not to cook a traditional Christmas dinner.

She wrote: “Because autism doesn’t stop for Christmas day! They like what they like and I want my children to eat so I choose my battles and I don’t want one today!

“For anyone who may not understand this, food aversion can be quite common for those with autism. This isn’t lazy parenting or fussy children, this is sensory issues due to their condition that limits what our children eat.

“I am delighted they are very slowly exploring new textures. It may be basic and it’s still all beige but they’re happy and their tummies are full.”

At the start of December, Christine also shared her delight with fans as she revealed she was finally able to have a Christmas tree at home for the festive season. She took to Instagram to open up about her struggles with having a tree in previous years due to her children often experiencing a sensory overload from the lights, textures and sparkles.

Alongside a video clip which showed her decorating a tree in blue, white and silver, Christine wrote: "For 10 years all I’ve ever wanted for Christmas was to have three happy, calm and content children. This year it’s looking like my wish might come true and we have our tree up early.. requested by my children!"

She added: ”For all the years we had no tree because the sensory overload and the changes were too much, for the times we’ve put it up and took it down 24hrs later, when we thought last year having it up for a week was a success but THIS.”

She concluded: ”A Christmas tree for the whole of December. WOW my babies you really are incredible with a little bit of time, patience and love, anything is possible.”

Earlier this year, Christine opened up about her 'life changing' autism and ADHD diagnosis – admitting she finally ‘understood’ herself. She and comedian Paddy, 50, announced their split in July 2022 after 11 years of marriage – though the pair have still been living together and co-parenting their children.

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