Dan Walker shares ‘worst thing I ever did’ in sibling horror story

Dan Walker compliments James Martin’s dish

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Dan Walker, 45, started a surprising Twitter trend when he revealed the “sibling damage” he had endured and implemented on his three siblings while they were growing up. The journalist seemingly snubbed Prince Harry in the days leading up to the Duke of Sussex’s memoir being published.

Prince Harry recently revealed a reported altercation with Prince William in 2019.

He recalled the event in his memoir, according to The Star, noting his brother was “parrot(ing) the press narrative” of Meghan Markle when things began to escalate.

The Duke of Sussex claims that Prince William lashed out and knocked Harry to the floor.

Shortly after the revelation was shared, Dan headed to Twitter to share the worst thing he had ever done to his brother.

He tweeted: “I once threw a rugby ball up the stairs to him.

“It went through his hands, hit the loft catch and the ladder came down at great speed and knocked him clean out!”

The Channel 5 star concluded his tweet with the hashtag Sibling Damage, and while it seemed he initially intended for this revelation to be a once-off, Dan couldn’t help himself.

He soon added more violent memories from his childhood, with not all of them being as innocent or accidental as the “worst thing” he had done.

Dan added: “There was also the time that I separated the loose electrical connection and put it inside the fantasy book he left down the side of his bed to read at night… it gave him… a big shock.

“Also filled his bed with broken dog biscuits.”

In another tweet, Dan continued: “The low point came on the day I was sent to bed early after an argument.

“The poor fella was on crutches for weeks.”

Dan also revealed he wasn’t the only perpetrator during his childhood: “I still have a wonky front tooth because brother smashed my head against the bathroom sink during an argument when I was about 8 or 9 (I think).

“Huge chunk of tooth came off. We still laugh about that one.”

“I was very young and I didn’t really have a clue what I was doing. I rightly got in serious trouble over that one.”

He concluded: “In all seriousness… I’m very thankful that all 4 of us get along really well despite all the #SiblingDamage over the years.”

The star seemingly took a subtle dig at Prince Harry’s revelation saying: “It’s incredibly sad to see any family struggling to get on.

“I hope they can sort it out.”

Dan’s thread went slightly vital on the social media platform as fans flooded the comments section with their own stories of #SiblingDamage.

The presenter wrote back to them all, saying he thoroughly enjoyed the hilarious stories and declared: “Let’s all meet tomorrow and have a massive headlock competition.”

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