Doja Cat SLAMS 'Stupid' Fans For Accusing Her Of Blackface In New Video!

Doja Cat is clapping back at critics.

Over the weekend, the Kiss Me More singer posted an Instagram clip of herself being interviewed by her Scarlet alter-ego, whom fans have come to know as being covered from head to toe in red paint — a common theme among the visuals for her latest album of the same name.

However, whether it was the lighting, the color grading, or just human error, many fans accused the 28-year-old of Blackface for the character. In the clip, Scarlet asked Doja “a silly question” — “Do you appreciate the people and the fans who support your music?” Doja, of course, has received flack for bad-mouthing her fans online over the past few months, and so leaning into the drama, we hear her inner monologue say:

“I hate my fans”

“My fans are dumb”

Before she said out loud, “Yeah.” See (below):

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Like we said, netizens quickly began accusing her of blackface in the mock interview. See (below):

But Doja wasn’t about to let that go… In response, she uploaded a Story post of four pics of the Scarlet persona undeniably colored in red, and wrote:


Take it for what you will, this is what the Scarlet persona looks like with different lighting. And a, um, different choice in outfit…

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We wonder what fans will have to say to THAT! Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments down below!

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