Donny Osmond reunites with brother months after star bid farewell

Donny Osmond reveals plans for ‘second home’

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Donny Osmond was in for a surprise as the music legend shared a candid photo from his Las Vegas show. The performer shared his delight after his brother Merrill Osmond joined him on stage.

It comes months after Merrill, 69, performed his final show in April 2022 as the musician retired from the industry.

Taking to Twitter on March 15, Donny, 65, said the siblings had a “blast” when they took to the stage and serenaded the audience.

The Osmond brothers looked to be in good spirits as the younger sibling was clad in a black leather jacket and smart trousers while Merrill donned a turquoise shirt and black trousers.

In view of his 211,000 followers, Donny captioned the post: “My brother, Merrill, came to my show in Las Vegas last week.

“Not only was it great to have him there, but it was a wonderful surprise when he jumped up on stage with me. We sang Yo Yo, Down By The Lazy River and Crazy Horses. It was a blast!”

Social media users flocked to comment on the post as they praised the siblings.

Lori tweeted: “Wow! Wish I was there. Loved when he hugged you.”

Susan commented: “That must have been a hard secret to keep from you!”

Jamie gushed: “That is so awesome…I’d love to see that show!”

Cheryl remarked: “Seems like they both went into the old dance routines, too!”

Jolly Panther added: “Is there a video? I would LOVE to see/hear the two of you together again!”

Their reunion comes just months after Merrill wrapped up his Vegas residency.

At the time Donny shared a heartfelt photo where he could be seen holding Merrill as he finished his closing song at his final show.

The Osmond legend explained that his sibling had asked him to join the performer on stage during his farewell to their legion of fans.

He captioned the post: “It was a night I’ll never forget.

“I went to my brother, Merrill’s final performance here in the US.

“As I watched him, I turned into a fan myself as I sang along with all of the other fans packing the Westgate theater, where we performed together in the 70s.”

He continued: “He asked me to join him at the end of the show and as he sang his closing song, I couldn’t help but give my brother a farewell hug.

“Yes, it took all of us to create The Osmonds, but it was Merrill’s voice that created the sound. It was an amazing moment. Thank you, my brother.”

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