Drake Fan Falls From Balcony During Apollo Concert, Videos Show

Drake‘s concert at the Apollo hit pause after a fan fell from a second-story balcony into the crowd below … and TMZ’s got it all on video.

The scary incident happened about 90 minutes into Drake’s set, and in the view from the floor seats, you see a body come falling out of the sky … landing on top of other fans.

Another view, from the mezzanine, shows a man leaning over the balcony and then falling over the ledge.

Drake Performs at Apollo Theater in NYC, Crowd Goes Wild

Drake Performs at Apollo Theater in NYC, Crowd Goes Wild

Drake didn’t appear to see the fan fall from the mezzanine, he had his back turned to the crowd at that exact moment, but a few seconds later a crew member runs onstage to tell Drake to pause the show.

You can hear Drake tell the audience, “Just gotta make sure somebody’s OK.”

Officials tell TMZ … the person who fell was a 26-year-old man who was possibly intoxicated. We’re told the man was uncooperative with officials and was taken to a Harlem hospital.

A rep for the Apollo told Variety “the fan and other audience members reported that they were OK. No major injuries have been reported.”

The concert was delayed about 15 minutes … in part because the guy damaged a lighting fixture on his way down.

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