The multi-billionaire tycoon apparently is not really fond of his baby mama’s plan to go under the knife to modify her ears in an effort to make them look like elves’.

AceShowbizElon Musk disapproves of Grimes‘ wish for elf ears. The 34-year-old musician – who has two children with the 51-year-old business mogul – revealed that she had made an appointment with “a great plastic surgeon” two years ago because she thought she “might want to change things up by my mid 30s.”

“2 years ago I made an appt with a great plastic surgeon, thought I might want to change things up by my mid 30s, but then I forgot and never thought about what I should do. Any face mods y’all think would look good on me? (Elf ears isn’t an option, that’s a separate quest),” she tweeted.

“Ps sorry if weird 2 discuss this openly, just seems unhealthy how every1 in media hides body mods, then ppl feel self conscious. Im also less interested in conventional beauty (I will keep my nose) – but moreso is there anything else that wud look sick? It’s dr kao.”

“Also does anyone know anyone great/ safe/ reliable ppl who could do vampire teeth caps on me in Austin or la? Also, any reputable elf ear modifiers in either of these cities? (Still debating this surgery cuz cartilage doesn’t heal so it requires permanent stitches).”

“Also, has anyone done elf ear mods with a good outcome? Im scared about ear cartilage having a hard time healing. Especially as a musician this surgery seems risky but I’ve wanted it my whole life. Curious about peoples experiences!”

However, Elon replied, “The downside of elf ear surgery probably outweighs the upside.”

Grimes and Elon have had an on/off relationship since first connecting on Twitter in 2018.

She tweeted earlier this year, “Me and E have broken up *again*…, but he’s my best friend and the love of my life, and my life and art are forever dedicated to The Mission now.”

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