Just in the past 12 months, Prince William’s attempts at royal diplomacy have been disastrous. Flop after flop, mess after mess, catastrophe after catastrophe. The Caribbean Flop Tour, getting fired live on camera by the Jamaican president, flapping his jazz hands in the UAE, complaining (again) about how there are too many Africans, being incredibly stupid about refugee crises in Europe. And now William is keen to bring his dullness to New York in September. Which brings me to list some of the stuff Prince Harry has done over the past 12 months: hosted a massively successful Invictus Games in the Hague, where he glad-handed politicians and King Willem-Alexander. Harry and his wife made three trips to New York in the last year, where they took meetings with United Nations diplomats, New York state officials and spoke at a public vaccine concert. Harry also gave a keynote address at the UN! Harry is currently making his way through several African countries, hosting a delegation of congressmen, philanthropists and conservationists. Oh, and the Sussexes have closely aligned themselves with several global charities, like World Central Kitchen. No wonder William is seething with jealousy. No wonder the Keen PR is that William is trying to… outdo Harry on Harry’s turf?

Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship may become “highly combustible” as several major royal events loom on the horizon, according to one commentator. The Duke of Cambridge is preparing to take the Earthshot Prize to Boston in December in the second round of his biggest current project, which gives out £1 million awards to five innovative solutions to the climate crisis. Before then, in September, William will be in New York to promote the 2021 prize winners, in an event which the press release notes will coincide with “NYC Climate Week and 77th Session of the UN General Assembly.”

Royal commentator Daniela Elser wrote in a column for the New Zealand Herald: “This is exactly the turf that Harry and Meghan have been trying, not particularly successfully, to carve out as their own. It was only last month that the duke was at the General Assembly, delivering a speech to mark Nelson Mandela Day that touched on, among other issues, the climate crisis, to an embarrassing number of empty seats.”

She added: “William is now undertaking a New York climate event of his very own, and with all the opportunities to flaunt his statesman credentials, may well only inflame family tensions further. Whether entirely coincidental or not, this all feels like William not so much treading on his younger brother’s toes but enthusiastically clog dancing over Harry’s bare feet.”

[From Newsweek]

Daniela Elser is kind of whackjob out of Australia, and she’s done this kind of embiggening for the Cambridges before. Elser is a perfect example of a royal commentator who cannot admit the obvious, which is that William and Kate are a couple of desperados trying and failing to “one up” Harry and Meghan by blatantly copying them. William’s New York trip doesn’t look like a statesman flaunting his diplomatic credentials. It looks like an immature man-child, seething with jealousy and incandescent with rage, blatantly attempting to copy his more charismatic and interesting brother. Harry is the one with the credentials. William is the convenient idiot making Michael Bloomberg host a “summit” to make him look important.

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