Im A Celebs Charlene White breaks rules with Jill Scotts fiancée

I'm A Celeb: Charlene White is the first to be eliminated

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Charlene White, 42, along with the rest of the I’m A Celebrity contestants and their loved ones headed back to camp for one last hurrah as the Queen of the Jungle, Jill Scott, was crowned. However, the journalist and Jill’s fiancée, Shelly Unitt, almost got themselves in trouble as they broke the rules behind the scenes. 

Charlene kept her followers updated throughout the final day of the competition, with cute selfies, group photos and some vlogs dashed in too. 

Starting off, she revealed just how early a day in the jungle begins as she walked around the kitchen in her hotel room: “We’re up at 4:45am, no one’s doing very well this morning. 

“We’re heading to camp and I will film as much as I can. I’m not actually allowed to film that much in camp but I’ll do what I can because it’s final day.”

Later, Charlene showed the less glamorous side of a TV production, showing her fans around as Shelly hung around in the back. 

Charlene said: “We’re not supposed to be filming but I’ve decided to do it anyway.”

Shelly interrupted with a giggly declaration: “We are rulebreakers!”

Charlene looked a little more dismayed at her rulebreaking, saying: “Blatantly. We’re all here. We’re all gathered to watch the finals in a room in the back. 

“We’re not supposed to be filming but this lady, who I absolutely adore, Jill’s other half, Shelly. It’s weird isn’t it?”

Shelly agreed as Charlene explained, somewhat bittersweet: “We’ve been building up to this for so long it feels weird that this is the last time we’re going to be here in camp. 

“It’s the last time we’ll be all together.”

Shelly added: “It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions but we’re all looking forward to it so let’s see!”

Charlene also adorably shared a snap of Shelly posing with Matt Hancock’s girlfriend, Gina Coladangelo.

Soon, the eliminated celebrities were herded into a bus and sent back to camp to watch the new champion of the jungle be crowned. 

While in the van, Charlene took it upon herself to gauge the views of the celebrities around her. 

Spinning her phone around to each star, Charlene asked everyone: “How do you feel about going back?”

Seann, Sue and Babatunde all agreed that they were “very excited” simply because they weren’t taking part in any trials. 

Scarlette admitted she “missed the smell of camp” while Mike, who was last to be eliminated, was just happy to be smelling clean. 

Boy George on the other hand seemed far more downtrodden as he grumbled: “I predict a Tory win.”

Ultimately, however, George was incorrect as Matt Hancock came in third place, while actor Owen Warner placed second.

Shelly was finally able to reunite with her fiancée after Jill spent 23 days in camp and was crowned the Queen of the Jungle. 

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