Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner will not be welcomed back to New York

A few days ago, the New York Times did a *very* bitchy story about Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, aka Javanka. It’s part of the whole Schadenfreude Transition, where various media elites (or just plain elites) are dunking on the Trump family and spilling petty tea about them, mostly Ivanka. Personally, I would have enjoyed all of this energy more if it was happening consistently in the past four years. But I won’t begrudge anyone their fun – Javanka sucks and they’re both criminals. I hope they both rot. Anyway, the Times says that Javanka’s post-White House future is in New Jersey:

Javanka’s New Jersey cottage: Town officials in Bedminster, N.J., have the plans for a possible Trump family future, or at least the blueprints: a major addition to Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s “cottage” on the grounds of the Trump National Golf Club, four new pickleball courts, a relocated heliport, and a spa and yoga complex. The couple had already expanded their “cottage” in New Jersey by 2,500 square feet in 2016, adding a basement and a fireplace sitting room, all documented by Ms. Trump on Instagram. The new plans before Bedminster Township call for an expanded master bedroom, bath and dressing room, two new bedrooms, a study and a ground floor veranda.

New York will be inhospitable: “In an odd way, they will even have a harder time than Trump himself” in New York, said Donny Deutsch, a brand management mogul in Manhattan and no-holds-barred critic of Mr. Trump on cable TV. “He’s despicable but larger than life. Those two are the hapless minions who went along.”

They were a–holes at their kids’ school: Once in, Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner tended to violate the unspoken rule of the Washington private-school world, that parents with heavy security details keep disruption to a minimum, four parents said. At schoolwide events, the family and its entourage often occupied the front two rows, standing to greet administration well-wishers, said one irritated parent. Three people, including two who were present, spoke about a birthday party Mr. Kushner decided to attend with his children. He then requested the hosts’ Wi-Fi password so he could work in the living room.

Ivanka might be a GOP “kingmaker” though: “If I’m trying to keep my Senate seat or I’m running in the governor’s races in Michigan, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania, not only do I want President Trump, I want all the Trumps there,” Mr. Nunberg said. “I think Ivanka is able to live in two worlds: Trump-conservative populist and — I don’t say this in a derogatory way — Nikki Haley-country club-Jeb Bush Republican,” he said.

[From The NY Times]

Yeah, the point of the Times’ piece was to underline that Jared and Ivanka are not welcome back in New York, and that they seem to know it too. Javanka will spend their post-White House years in New Jersey or Florida or both, so as to avoid the awkwardness in New York, where the social scene is completely against them. That being said, while all of the elites are gleefully making plans to snub Javanka, I keep thinking about how Ivanka was still invited to Misha Nonoo’s Roman wedding last year. Ivanka, Jared, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, the York princesses, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom and tons of other A-listers were there. I worry that despite the glee at the thought of snubbing these a–holes, Ivanka and Jared will figure out some way to land on their feet, financially and socially.

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