Kanye West Buys His Fourth Factory, Vows to Make YZY Inclusive After Ditching Gap

The ‘College Dropout’ rapper shares his big plan for his fashion brand after he recently terminated his partnership with Gap and put another collaborator, Adidas, on blast.

AceShowbizKanye West is on a mission to make YZY an inclusive brand. After recently terminating his collaboration with Gap, the 45-year-old rap star has now outlined his long-term ambition for his fashion brand.

“Our point, our idea, is that there is no one who is not welcome at YZY, at Donda. And that’s why I went to Gap,” explained Kanye – who has legally changed his name to Ye. “And why I brought Demna [a designer] with me. To say ‘OK, Demna’s cut is at the top of what Paris has to offer. And Paris is at the top of what fashion has to offer. So let’s bring Paris to the people.’ “

Asked why the collaboration didn’t work out, Kanye told Vogue Business, “They made the T-shirts we had done cost $200. And then, they took our colour palette and made a shape that was appropriate to what I think someone in the office thought was at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. And I felt that was civil rights.”

The chart-topping star subsequently suggested that he plans to run YZY as a vertically integrated business. He added, “We just bought our fourth factory in California.”

Kanye recently hit out at both Gap and another of his collaborators, Adidas, for failing to fulfil a promise to build “permanent stores” for their ventures.

Sharing his plans for his brand, the rapper wrote on social media, “I’ll buy the land and or building. Then we gonna open up in every state and then internationally. Anyone who has over 10 years retail experience and is ready to change the world post your instagram handle or store location in the comments and we’ll find you.”

“I signed with both Adidas and Gap because it contractually stated they would build permanent stores which neither company has done even though I saved both of those companies at the same time. (sic)”

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