King Charles Laughs Off Viral Leaky Pen Tantrum

The new British monarch looks amused as a lady hands him a pen seemingly referring to a previous incident where he was caught on camera struggling when signing a book.

AceShowbizKing Charles III was seen chuckling on Friday (16.09.22) as he was given a pen by a lady in Cardiff who quipped “just in case,” days after he was filmed struggling with a leaky pen. The 73-year-old monarch went viral after he was captured on camera frustratedly saying “God I hate this” while signing the visitor’s book in front of cameras at Hillsborough Castle near Belfast earlier this week.

“Oh look, it’s going everywhere,” his wife, Camilla, Queen Consort said. “I can’t bear this bloody thing … every stinking time,” Charles then cursed.

The grieving king – who was meeting the locals paying their respects to his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, following her passing on September 8 – also got annoyed at himself when he wrote the wrong date while signing the paper.

And when the Welsh lady at Cardiff Castle handed him a Hilton hotels pen, he took it well laughing away in footage obtained by Sky News. She later told Greatest Hits Radio of meeting His Royal Highness, “It was very surreal, very poignant, absolutely amazing.”

“We had a little conversation with him and we gave him a pen. He took it really well. He took the pen with him and actually laughed about it … It was a pen from the Hilton, so quite a classy one – it won’t explode.

Meanwhile, Prince William has been urged to learn Welsh, but reassured that “nobody is expecting miracles.” The 40-year-old royal has been given the title Prince of Wales following his father King Charles’ ascension to the throne and the country’s First Minister, Mark Drakeford, believes citizens would appreciate it if he had an ability to use the language “at the margins,” but stressed people weren’t anticipating a “suddenly-acquired fluency” from William or his wife Catherine, Princess of Wales.

Asked whether William should learn Welsh, the politician acknowledged the language can be tough to learn as an adult, but added, “I’m quite sure that the incoming Prince of Wales will want to recognise the importance of the Welsh language and the part it plays in shaping the identity of contemporary Wales.”

“I don’t think anybody will expect somebody to have a suddenly acquired fluency in the Welsh language, but an interest in the language, being willing to use the language at the margins of what people do, all of that will be understood and appreciated. Nobody will be expecting miracles.”

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