Leo DiCaprio had maybe the most low-effort Halloween costume ever

Leonardo DiCaprio does not put effort into anything in his personal life. I’ll buy that he makes an effort in his professional life and he has a good work ethic in that aspect. But zero effort in all other aspects, including romantic relationships and Halloween costumes. This was Leo over the weekend, attending multiple Halloween parties around LA. He went to the big Casamigos-sponsored party and he went to Kendall Jenner’s party too. Dude just wore joggers, a windbreaker and a rubber-duck mask and called it a day. He was hanging with Tobey Maguire too – Tobey’s Halloween costume was a similar joggers-and-hoodie ensemble plus a hockey goalie’s mask. These two, istg. I mean, I actually appreciate how low-effort they are on Halloween. They’re both 48 years old, I’m sure they’re both really tired.

Meanwhile, Leo also spent some time with his new girlfriend Vittoria Ceretti, a 25-year-old Italian model. Leo already started the girlfriend rollout over the summer, and it looks like Vittoria will be his official girlfriend for his Killers of the Flower Moon Oscar campaign. Paparazzi caught them on Saturday, at a party in West Hollywood – Leo was hanging out on a small back porch (probably smoking) and Vittoria came out and groped his ass. Once they realized they were being photographed, they went back inside. I hope she washed her hand.

— Pop Base (@PopBase) October 29, 2023

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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