Machine Gun Kelly Puts Leeches on Stomach in Nasty Video

Megan Fox isn’t the only one drinking Machine Gun Kelly‘s blood … so too are the leeches MGK considers his BFFs.

Ya gotta see this video MGK just posted on his Instagram story … there are several leeches going to town on his stomach. It’s a legit feeding frenzy down by his belly button.

It doesn’t sound like this is MGK’s first time doing this … because he says the bloodsucking parasites are his “best friends.”

Remember … Megan and MGK revealed earlier this year they participate in rituals where they drink each other’s blood, which led to real-life vampires issuing the couple a warning.

Unclear what MGK is using the leeches for … blood rituals or otherwise … but the video is not for those with weak stomachs.

Seems like leeches are cool and they don’t suck as friends … at least in MGK’s world.

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