MAFS UKs April cries after Geoge threw me under bus over cheating gossip

April Banbury has been left questioning her relationship with George Roberts after he told their co-stars about the drama they've faced since the wedding on Married At First Sight UK.

The couple walked into the dinner party on Wednesday 7 September's episode of the hit show, where they quickly separated to to speak to different groups.

While April had a grand time catching up with other people, George went around telling their friends about how she kissed another woman during a game of truth or dare.

After hearing about this from pal Thomas Hartley, April swiftly broke down into tears and couldn't help but feel as though George made her look like a "d**k" and the "bad guy".

She even accused him of "throwing me under the bus", which has led her to wonder if she can trust him.

Twitter users were quick to rush to the social media site to share their views on the drama: "I do feel for April here. She thought it was nothing and sorted with George but, even if it wasn’t, she now wonders if everyone thinks she’s an awful person and she’s sort of been ambushed with it again several days later. #MAFSUK".

Another added: "Everybody’s gossiping about the situation George??? You literally went around telling everyone about April, pure toxic behaviour #mafs #mafsuk."

A third penned: "Everybody’s gossiping about the situation George??? You literally went around telling everyone about April, pure toxic behaviour #mafs #mafsuk."

Earlier in the series George had a breakdown over April "cheating".

He said: "I woke up this morning numb and cold… yesterday we ended up having a lovely evening then I went away for a short while, came back, and realised that there had been an incident.

"I just don't know if I feel comfortable doing this, I don't know. It was heartbreaking and a massive kick in the teeth – she had been intimate with somebody else. I've been cheated on, f**k!" as he walked away, telling following cameras: "Sorry, don't do that!"

April then came over to his room to clear the air as she asked what had happened to which George replied: "Because I came back to the hot tub and stuff had happened…"

As his new wife insisted: "We were just having fun, playing like dares and stuff" as he pointed out: "But you told me that you'd kissed her!"

April then argued: "Yeah, because that was a dare!" she added in a VT: "I thought most guys would be happy, you know, two girls kissing in a hot tub… who wouldn't? I'm like what the hell and apparently not!"

Explaining his feelings, George told April: "I went from feeling like so elated to then just feeling rock bottom, it's just a bit…"

As April insisted: "We were all mucking around and like, you know, playing dares and stuff… having a laugh.

"I'm really sorry if it has upset you but I didn't even think anything of it… like it really was nothing."

George then told April: "It hurt a bit because I've developed feelings for you," adding: "Okay, sorry for walking off."


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