Mike Tindall accidentally exposes Zaras secret Instagram account in huge blunder

Mike Tindall has accidentally revealed his wife Zara's private Instagram account handle in a huge blunder.

The former England rugby star reposted a photo shared by journalist Di Stewart, where she could be seen interviewing Mike, 44, and Zara, 42, at the Ryder Cup, a major golf competition that is currently being held in Rome, Italy.

In the post, the journalist had tagged Zara's private profile, which has 207 followers. However, OK! has chosen not to reveal the account handle to respect her privacy.

While her husband Mike is extremely active on social media, boasting 597k followers on Instagram, his equestrian wife chooses to keep things more low-key, sharing access to her social media account with only family and friends.

In an exclusive conversation with OK!, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond explained why Princess Anne's daughter is the perfect 'non-royal royal'.

Jennie said: "I just find Zara a complete joy. If you spotted her at the coronation concert, she just looked as if she wanted to get up and boogie all night.

"She is just astonishingly pretty and somehow she manages to combine being part of the royal family with being so down-to-earth and natural.

"Mike and Zara are clearly are a couple who still like to party and they always look so in love. Incredibly tactile with one another and just a very happy family, which is a joy to see."

Jennie added: "What she has said – and it's so clearly true – is that she thinks she's very lucky that her mother made the decision not to give her a title. It's given her some latitude and freedom and allowed her to be as non-royal as any royal can be."

Zara has personally echoed Jennie's sentiment and has said how lucky she feels not to have had a royal title, she said: “I’m very lucky that both my parents decided to not use the title and we grew up and did all the things that gave us the opportunity to do."

As she is not a male-line descendant of Queen Elizabeth II, Zara was not entitled to be styled as a Princess of the United Kingdom. While this is the case thanks to the rules laid out in Letters Patent by King George V in 1917, the late Queen did try and work around it.

It was reported that the monarch offered to break the rules and give both Zara and her brother Peter Phillips official titles of their own.

However, Princess Anne refused the gesture as she wanted her children to have as normal of a life as possible.

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