Netflix viewers claim new action drama is the 'best series

Netflix viewers claim new action drama is the ‘best series’ as they beg streaming bosses for a second season

Netflix fans have been raving about an action-packed new series, branding it one of ‘the best shows’ they have seen on the streaming platform.

Described as an ‘epic cops-and-robbers action thriller’, Criminal Code sees a team of investigators trying to find a mountain of money that has been stolen in a large-scale robbery at the Brazil-Paraguay border.

Diligently using DNA evidence to find over 50 men involved in the crime is no easy feat, but for federal officer officer Benício (Rômulo Braga) the mission is more than work – it’s personal.

Directed and produced by Heitor Dhalia, and written by Bernardo Barcellos, Criminal Codes follows lone-wolf Benicio as he continues to go rogue on investigations.

But his behaviour is not totally amiss, as he is on the hunt for the thieves who killed his partner during a huge prison break three months prior.

Viewers have been raving about Criminal Code, a new ‘epic cops-and-robbers action thriller’, calling it one of ‘the best shows’ on Netflix

The show is a retelling of 2017 caper, which sees lone wolf police officer Benício (Rômulo Braga (left) on the hunt for the assailants of an armed heist with Suellen (Maeve Jinkings, right) 

For Benicio this is more than just an investigation – this is personal as he believes the people responsible for the caper are those who murdered his partner (pictured)

When he hears of the armed heist on the border, he is certain he knows who is behind it – Sem Alma (Thomás Aquino) – the man who killed his colleague.

In a bid to bring justice to the criminals, Benicio partners up with a new officer – Suellen (Maeve Jinkings) – and the pair are willing to do whatever it takes. 

As time goes on, law enforcement on both sides of the border begin to hone in on the thieves using any methods they can – even if that means trolling the gangs’ abandoned vehicles for DNA. 

The new heart-racing series as been a hit among Netflix viewers, bagging a Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score of 100 per cent.

Many took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to gush about the streaming services’ new show. 

One wrote: ‘Criminal code on Netflix is sooo good! Binged the whole 8 episodes in a day & a half. They need a second season ASAP.’ 

‘I just finished Criminal code on Netflix that was one of the best shows I done seen in a minute.’

‘Criminal Code on Netflix is f*****g hands down one of the best shows I’ve ever seen on Netflix.’ 

Benicio gets involved with solving the heist because he believes  Sem Alma (Thomás Aquino, pictured right) – the man who killed his colleague – is behind the crime

Law enforcement painstakingly use DNA evidence to track down over 50 of the men involved

The series has received rave reviews, scoring a 100 per cent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes and fans labelling it as one of the ‘top three shows ever’

Others labelled is the ‘best’ series on Netflix at the moment, with another quipping: ‘Criminal Code is the best heist series I’ve watched since Money Heist.’

‘Criminal Code on Netflix.. top three shows ever.. and I’ve seen them all.’

‘Whoever wrote Criminal Code on @netflix did a great job,’ said another.

Criminal Code is a fictionalised portrayal of a real armed heist that happened in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, in 2017.

In the real life story, the robbers ran away with several million dollars in cash after they used trucks and extra-heavy-duty safes thieve from the local Prosegur headquarters – a security company. 

The crime was achieved with the help of several well-known Brazilian gangs, and was the first large-scale international robbery committed by people from the country.

The 2017 led to Brazilian federal police using DNA to track down over 50 of the assailants, and even revealed several people the shadows who were participating in organised crime. 

The series is a fictional portrayal of a real armed heist that happened at a local security company’s headquarters – Prosegur – in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, in 2017 (pictured)

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