I'm a bargain hunter and I compared the food in M&S and Sainsbury's – I was seriously stunned at the difference | The Sun

A BARGAIN hunter took a trip to M&S and Sainsbury's to compare the price of everyday essentials in the two supermarkets.

So if you need to stock up on bread, eggs, milk, pasta and rice, you’ll want to listen up before you head to the high-street. 

Posting on TikTok under the username @everylittlepenny, savvy shopper Kathryn was left stunned at the price difference between her local M&S and her local Sainsbury’s.

She shared a clip showing off the budget items, with the caption ‘M&S vs SAINSBURY'S price comparison! Are you surprised at the difference?’

As Kathryn’s clip shows, a medium wholemeal loaf was 70p in M&S and 80p in Sainsbury’s.

Not only this, but two pints of milk will cost you £1.15 in M&S but 20p extra in Sainsbury’s, where it is priced at £1.35.

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If you want a pack of six eggs, in M&S they will cost you just £1, but you’ll have to fork out an extra 10p in Sainsbury’s, where they are £1.10.

If you need to stock up on pasta too, a 500 gram bag of penne pasta is just 85p in M&S, but is 10p more, priced at 95p in Sainsbury’s.

As well as this, a 1kg bag of rice in M&S is £1.85, but will cost you £2.50 from Sainsbury’s.

Each item that Kathryn spotted was cheaper in M&S, leaving her and many others open-mouthed.

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Her clip has clearly shocked many, as it has quickly gone viral and has amassed a whopping 1.4million views.

It has 98.6k lilies, 1,521 comments and 8,854 shares.

Social media users took to the comments and many agreed that they have recognised Sainsbury's to be quite expensive compared to other supermarkets. 

One person said: “I have always said Sainsbury’s are really expensive – thanks for confirmation.” 

Another added: “Everything is marked up in Sainsburys Local. Their normal prices are pretty much the same as M&S. Good to know where to go in the city center though.” 

To this, Kat replied: “You’re right! These two shops are on the same street near me so if I needed milk etc I know which is cheaper.” 

A third commented: “I just looked it all up and Waitrose is cheaper than Sainsbury’s too.”

Meanwhile, many others shared their appreciation for M&S in the comments. 

One M&S fan posted: “M&S has my heart forever.” 

Another chimed in: “I absolutely love M&S food and shop there most of the time. I genuinely find things to be cheaper than elsewhere (sometimes even Aldi)!”

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Someone else agreed: “M&S is THE best. I’ve shopped there for years!! The quality is 5 stars.” 

Whilst one shopper noted: “Finally people are realising that M&S is actually not that expensive.” 

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