Pierce Brosnan Files Restraining Order Agains Stalker Targeting Dick Van Dyke

The ‘Goldeneye’ star been granted a restraining order against an unnamed female as he’s seeking protection for himself, wife Keely Shay Smith and sons Dylan and Paris.

AceShowbizPierce Brosnan has been granted a restraining order against a woman who was “originally looking for Dick Van Dyke“. The “Goldeneye” star filed documents seeking protection for himself, wife Keely Shay Smith and sons Dylan and Paris against an unnamed female, who he claims has been “stalking” him and his family. The woman’s behavior resulted in him making multiple calls to the Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department asking them to remove her from his Malibu property.

Piers explained in the court records, which were obtained by The Blast, how the alleged encounters began. “She originally said she was looking for Dick Van Dyke (she has a tattoo of him on her arm) but when she found me and my family, she stayed in front of our house… She gave me two odd notes, said she needed $1,500 for new tires, and gave me a drawing she did of me,” he wrote.

Although the woman made contact with the 69-year-old star and allegedly refused to leave the area when asked, police suggested he file for a civil restraining order as they were unable to move someone just for being parked outside of a home.

Pierce followed the police advice and applied for the order, which would mean cops could arrest her if she continued to wait outside his family home.

After a judge granted the motion, the woman has been banned from “directly or indirectly” contacting the “Mamma Mia!” star and his family. The order also covers harassment in any form to Pierce, Keely and their sons.

The alleged stalker must stay at least 400 yards away from the family’s house, as well as any school or job connected to them. A formal hearing will take place on 25 October, during which it will be agued to have the restraining order extended for three to five years.

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