Pleasure P Calls Out Rolling Stone Singers List for Snubbing Anita Baker

Pretty Ricky vocalist Pleasure P isn’t letting Rolling Stone’s hot button 200 Best Singers list screw with his emotions — mainly because it’s missing one of his favs … Anita Baker!!!

We caught Pleasure P out at LAX Tuesday … and he tells us the worst snub in his eyes was the incomparable AB … the Grammy-winning singing legend who has famously boasted a three octave range.

Pleasure P also made the case for Celine Dion‘s inclusion, who by the sheer number count, was brutally shunned from the list and angered thousands of fans on social media.

CD has 7 Diamond albums and over 250 million records sold to date — and Pleasure, hailing from Miami himself, gave the legendary Canadian’s sound an ambassador role … as she lived in his sunny hometown much of last decade.

Pleasure P also scoffed at the notion that any particular race births superior singers, especially because the list’s top 10 consisted of all African-American singers. 👀

The Beatles’ John Lennon appears as the first white artist with top chops at #12 … but Pleasure P says pro attributes like pitch and melody should be the deciding factors when it comes to judging talent!!!

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