Prince William & Kate met with Apple CEO Tim Cook & got new iPhones

Well, I was wrong! I wrote on Friday that Prince William had not done a thing since returning from his big 36-hour “I Wanna Be A Global Statesman” trip to New York. That trip ended on September 19th. It was September 28th before William did a stitch of work again. This happened on Thursday – William and Kate had a meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook at Kensington Palace. Notice that Kate wore her “top CEO” outfit as well – a pinstripe suit with shiny gold buttons and turtleneck!! Curiously, Kensington Palace didn’t publish these photos – they allowed Cook to post them on his Twitter. I’m also including an additional tweet:

— Tim Cook (@tim_cook) September 29, 2023

— (@theapplepost) September 29, 2023

Just judging from the photos, it’s clear that the CEO of Apple breezed by Kensington Palace to personally drop off some new, free Apple merch. So much for “the royals aren’t allowed to accept freebies,” huh. I mean, we always knew that was a convenient lie – Kate has been accepting free sh-t this whole time, and the only time anyone complained about royals accepting gifts is when Meghan got some perfume or something. While this is clearly just some Apple promotion, please allow the Times’ royal stenographer to tell you what the meeting was really about:

Hot on the heels of his encounter with Bill Gates in New York, the Prince of Wales has held a meeting with the Apple boss Tim Cook at Kensington Palace. The meeting is seen as part of Prince William’s strategy to position himself as a significant player on the world stage. It comes after the palace confirmed that the princess would not be joining Prince William when he travels to Singapore for the Earthshot Prize ceremony in November.

William and Kate met Cook on Thursday, when they discussed the environment and the prize ceremony. They also discussed mental health and early years.

Cook wrote on Twitter/X: “It was a true honor to meet with the Prince and Princess of Wales. We had a wonderful and wide-ranging discussion about the environment, mental health and other issues that mean a great deal to all of us.”

[From The Times]

LMAO “when they discussed the environment and the prize ceremony. They also discussed mental health and early years.” Pray tell, what did Tim Cook have to say about early years? What did KATE have to say about the early years? Did she say “the early years are very important” and Cook stared at her blankly, paused and then said “yes, I agree.” And that was the end of that. Apparently, William isn’t really interested in becoming a “global statesman/significant player on the world stage” as much as he’s interested in hanging out in America or hanging out with Americans. Peggington’s vision of his global statesmanship is “accepting free iPhones from Tim Cook and being financed by Michael Bloomberg.”

Photos courtesy of Tim Cook’s Twitter & Backgrid.

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