Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles Open for Business 24 Hours After PnB Rock Murder

Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles finds itself in a tough spot 24 hours after PnB Rock‘s murder — it’s a crisis many businesses are facing amid a violent crime wave — when and how to resume normal operations.

The South L.A. location where the rapper was killed is open for business Tuesday, and these pics from inside show some employees working, clearing empty plates from tables. We’re told the restaurant was fully functioning and had been cleaned after Monday’s shooting, but understandably, there aren’t many customers sitting down to eat.

What’s more, we’re told employees who were working during the shooting were given the day off.

TMZ broke the story, PnB was eating inside the restaurant with his girlfriend, Steph Sibounheuang, when the suspect entered, targeting the rapper for his jewelry and opening fire.

Prior to the shooting, PnB’s girlfriend posted a photo of the couple’s meal with their location … and earlier in the day, PnB posted a video of himself wearing the jewelry.

PnB was rushed to a local hospital, but died from his injuries. There has not yet been an arrest made in the case and cops continue to chase down leads.

He was only 30.

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