Security Companies Seeing Boom in Celeb Clientele Over Crime Spike

The crime spree unfolding in L.A. has got celebs acting skittish, so much so that there’s a big boom in security hiring … which might sound great for them, but isn’t a good sign big picture.

TMZ spoke with two different high-profile security companies that offer services for famous folks and other VIP types — and they both tell us the same thing … their business is on the upswing, and it seems to be aligned with what’s going on in the City of Angels.

Alfredo Moosa and AJ Moosa of 2 Deep Executive Protection — which has worked for people like French Montana, Maria, A1 Bentley and more —  tell us they’re getting booked left and right these days, especially in L.A. … where they say they’re most in demand.

Take the Tank Davis fight in town this past weekend — the Moosa’s say there alone they had 8 different clients with their guards on hand, who are being hired for way longer shifts than anything they’ve done in the past (17+ hours) … emblematic of what they say is happening generally. In the past year … they tell us they’ve hired 15-16 new guards.

The Moosa’s also say they’ve seen a lot of their clients lately ditch jewelry and other bling they may normally wear — which they think has to do with the fact people are getting jacked in brazen attacks of late. 2 Deep is also doing a lot more house calls at the moment — we’re told now, they’re being asked to stick around and patrol Airbnbs their clients might stay in … whether they’re actually there or not, a shift from what they’re usually asked to do.

There’s also Kings Protection — having been hired by the likes of Quavo, Lil Pump, LeBron James, etc. — whose CEO, Jack, tells us they too are getting a spike in bookings, and everything else that comes with their offerings.

Jack says they’ve seen an increase in day-to-day security needs, including clients being out and about in a nightlife setting … or even just home patrols, something they specialize in. Kings have had to hire 200 more guards this year due to the phone constantly ringing.

We’re told Kings usually has armed guards keeping watch at a client’s rented residence, and they’ve even started to roll out K9 units to help, which shows how serious they’re taking the job in this crime-ridden climate.

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