Swinging Mormon TikTok Star Taylor Frankie Paul's Boyfriend SLAMS Fans Amid Her Domestic Violence Case!

As law enforcement in Utah continues to investigate the domestic violence and child abuse charges against Mormon soft-swinging TikTok sensation Taylor Frankie Paul, her boyfriend is speaking out.

Of course, we’ve been covering the case of the social media influencer following her arrest last month on allegations of domestic violence. Then, a week ago, we were shocked to learn the charges against her were being considered for an upgrade with a potential child abuse enhancement. Ugh…

Now, her boyfriend is speaking out. And he doesn’t have anything good to say about fans and followers who have been talking s**t online amid Taylor’s legal troubles!

Of course, we know all about TFP’s partner Dakota Mortensen. The 30-year-old man has popped up in quite a few of her TikTok vids for months now after they first revealed their relationship early last fall. But earlier this week, Mortensen took to the social media site alone to deliver a two-minute tongue-lashing aimed at those who criticize his better half!!

The embattled influencer started by slamming fan suggestions that he was making money off his social presence:

“Alright, Just a few things I wanted to talk about because I can’t take anymore, it’s pissing me off so bad. One, I have never made. dollar from videos, ever. I don’t do any of this s**t and expect to make money. If I could, great. Obviously, that’s an end game goal. That would be amazing, who wouldn’t want that? But I’ve never made a dollar from doing any of this. I just enjoy doing it and I’ve done it forever. I’ve done this for a long time and I’ll continue to do it.”

Then, he addressed his recent comments in the media regarding Taylor’s arrest.

Of course, Mortensen spoke (very briefly) with reporters last month following news of the mom of two’s incarceration on those domestic violence claims. He didn’t say much at the time, but fans have nevertheless wondered whether he’s using the notoriety to raise his own public profile.

Dakota scoffed at that assumption, saying he was just “trying to be respectful” to interview requests. He then compared himself negatively to, um, actor Brad Pitt:

“I’m not used to this. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m not Brad Pitt. I’ve never been in this position in my life. Some people think I got paid to talk to a newspaper person, and it’s just not true. I talked to a person that randomly called me. I’m trying to be respectful, too, at the same time, and just be nice. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, so I just want to nip that in the bud. I would never in a million years do anything for money, especially when it deals with Taylor and her family and kids. I just wouldn’t. I know my character and it sucks I even have to say this, but I never would do that.”


Dakota didn’t have a whole lot to say about the actual legal fight his girlfriend is now facing. And just as in his earlier comments, he refused to discuss what happened with the 28-year-old mom and her two kids — daughter Indy, 5, and son Ocean, 2.

But he did lament the difficult situation and declare Taylor to be a great mother:

“The whole situation sucks, and everything that’s happened. But if there’s one thing I know, and I will proudly say that, is that she’s an incredible mom and she loves her kids so much. Obviously, you guys all can assume the worst of everything, because that’s all you guys do. But I’ve seen it and I just know.”

He also alluded to his own difficult past dealing with addiction, and how that has now pushed him to be there for his girlfriend in her time of need:

“I will be there for her. I’m a recovering addict, rock bottom is where I’ve been many times in my life. … I had people that I loved at those times that left and walked away from me. I’m not going to do that to her. I will be there for her and help her any way I can.”

Wrapping up the two-minute video in a flourish, he said:

“This whole thing sucks, everybody just twisting the stories and making up assumptions. Thank you for everybody that has been nice. For everybody that sucks ass, I don’t really care, you guys will just continue to fill my feed and comments full of stupid s**t.”

Well then!

You can ch-ch-check out the entire clip (below):

My two cents ????‍♂️ thanks for all the sweet people out there also ♥️

♬ original sound – Dakota Mortensen

His two cents, indeed…

Earlier this week, the probable cause statement regarding Paul’s case was revealed by Page Six. In that court doc, legal officials claimed Taylor began to hit Dakota as he tried to get away from an argument they were having. Taylor allegedly threw her cell phone, a “wooden playset,” and three (!!!) metal barstools at Mortensen.

One of the stools reportedly hit Indy, leaving what cops called a “goose egg” bump on her head. Other stools reportedly struck Dakota, and left holes in the wall of their home. Per the news outlet’s reporting on this from Tuesday, Paul is accused of also putting Mortensen “in a chokehold and kicking him” during the incident. Jeez…

Per TooFab, her next court date is scheduled for March 21. So, perhaps we’ll get more answers in a few weeks.

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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