Taylor Swift seemed like a ‘teenage fan girl’ while cheering for Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift attends KC Chiefs vs NY Jets NFL game

Taylor Swift was like a “pure teenage fan girl” while cheering on suspected love interest Travis Kelce according to one expert.

The Midnights singer was spotted in the crowd at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on Sunday evening as the Kansas City Chiefs faced off against the New York Jets. 

However, Swift was not alone as she was seen entering the stadium with many famous faces such as longtime friend Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, High Jackman, and Sophie Turner. 

It has been rumoured that both Swift and Kelce may be dating after the athlete admitted on his podcast New Heights that he had tried and failed to ask out the pop star while at one of her concerts over the summer and admitted he had invited Swift to come to see him play.  

Swift has since been seen at the last Kansas City Chiefs match on September 24, in which was seen in a red-and-white Chiefs Jacket and cheering enthusiastically while chatting to Kelece’s mother Donna.

However, one expert believes that Swift is extremely enthusiastic about the “macho” athlete and is greatly interested in considering dating him based on a few tell-tale signs. 

Judi James, a body language and communication expert, has explained that Taylor appeared to considering something while cheering and watching Kelce at the match. 

In an interview with the Mirror, Judi explained: “Taylor’s body language performance here is pure teenage fan girl as she sits leaning in close to BF Blake as though acting like someone in the giggly, confiding stage of dating. 

“She also performs an evaluation gesture as she watches Travis though, with one finger placed on her chin and her eyes narrowed, as though she’s also quietly sizing him up in her head.

“Blake tries to speak but Taylor looks oblivious, leaning right in close with her eyes on Travis before she mimes some punching gestures in what looks like mimicry to show off about Taylor’s physical power displays out there.” 

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Judi added: “[Taylor’s] previous dates have tended to be less athletic so she might be enjoying watching all the macho displays from the stands.”

In the past, Taylor Swift has dated a number of celebrities such as Harry Styles. Taylor Lautner, Tom Hiddleston and Calvin Harris. 

It was announced that she had broken up with her longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn in April this year after six years of dating, which is speculated to have been her longest and most private relationship. 

A source has recently told the Daily Mail that Kelce is “absolutely interested” in a relationship with Swift. 

They said: “He has shot his shot and would love to take Taylor on a date and see where they can go in the relationship department,

“The one problem that they have now is that their schedules are so all over the place that it is difficult to get together without being seen and everything else that comes from being the celebrities that they are. 

“It isn’t organic to Travis and his liking, but he certainly likes the rumours, because he actually would love to date Taylor if she would give him a chance.”

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