Today’s Dylan Dreyer’s heartwarming insight into family life with husband and three children

Dylan Dreyer has a celebrated career as a meteorologist and children’s book author – but nothing makes her prouder than her gorgeous family. 

The Today show star has three beautiful boys with her husband, Brian Fichera, and during an interview with HELLO! she opened up about whether there are plans for baby number four. 

While promoting her children’s book Misty the Cloud: Friends Through Rain or Shine, Dylan spoke about how her kids – who are simply adorable in the video below – have inspired her creative process and whether she wants to add to her brood. 

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“I think I’ve maxed out now,” she said with a chuckle before admitting: “I wish I had started having kids sooner, because I really love everything about kids. 

“I never thought I would love it as much as I do. Being a mom is the best. I love fostering their ideas, I also somehow found more patience after becoming a mom.”

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The number three also holds a special place in both Dylan and Brian’s hearts as she explained: “When we decided to have children, I used to always want three. I grew up with two brothers, my husband is one of three. Three just feels right for us now.”

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Dylan says she’s ‘maxed out’ when it comes to having anymore kids 

Dylan and Brian certainly have their hands full parenting, Rusty, one, Oliver, three, and Calvin, six, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“After we had Oliver, I thought I’ll never do that again,” she added. “But something didn’t feel complete for us. Both of us had a twinge that we still wanted a third child. Now we have him and everything feels right and complete.”

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One look at Dylan’s Instagram feed and you’d be convinced she was born to be a mom, but she admits, it wasn’t always on the cards for her and Brian.

Dylan and Brian recently celebrated ten years of marriage 

“We didn’t think we wanted kids at all,” she said about her and her husband of ten years. “We were living in New York City, traveling whenever we wanted to, doing whatever we wanted, and then suddenly it sort of came to us both. We were like ‘let’s have kids’. Both of us obviously love it.”

Ironically, Dylan’s children’s books  were formulated before she had even had children. 

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“I never really thought about a children’s book either,” confessed Dylan. “But my husband and I come up with crazy little stories and it came from one of those. We were on a plane and we imagined our suitcases going on a trip together. 

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Dylan’s new book came out last year

“My husband then said, ‘what about making it about clouds?’ This was perfect, what with me being a meteorologist. Clouds and emotions sort of work together. There’s a weird parallel between how you’re feeling and the weather. 

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“He and I started coming up with storylines about a cloud world and it just went from there. 

Dylan loves their creation and hopes others feel the same. 

Dylan says being a mom has made her more patient 

“I personally think this is even better than the first,” the much-loved TV star said. “I think it’s a cute story about compromise and friendship and you can’t always get to do things your way. 

“When you give in a little, beautiful things happen, you get along, the day gets better and in this case, you get a rainbow. 

“I love bringing the science into the story and letting kids learn about the weather. Hopefully everyone who reads it enjoys it.”

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