Todd and Julie Chrisley Not Getting Divorced While Locked Up in Prison

Todd and Julie Chrisley are NOT hurtling towards a divorce — far from it — so claims their attorney who tells us the incarcerated couple is more in love now than ever before.

Todd and Julie’s attorney, Jay Surgent, tells TMZ … the Chrisleys are not going to pull the plug on their marriage, despite a recent report suggesting Julie could soon wave the white flag.

While the Daily Mail quotes an unnamed source claiming Julie is certain to divorce Todd, their lawyer is adamant a divorce would be the last thing the couple would ever do.

The couple’s attorney tells us the Chrisleys are supported by their mutual belief in God and belief that the criminal justice system will prevail and the “right thing” is going to happen for them … because they believe God is directing everything.

Remember … Todd and Julie are both behind bars after being convicted last year in their bank fraud and tax evasion trial. Todd’s had his 12-year sentence reduced to 10 and Julie’s had her 7-year sentence reduced to 6, and his legal team is still trying to reverse his conviction.

As the couple spends their first holiday season behind bars, Todd’s attorney says Julie is holding strong in prison and feels strength in their marriage … despite the DM report saying she’s “broken and hopeless.”

Surgent is also pushing back on the report claiming Todd convinced Julie to go along with a “foolproof” plan … he says Todd didn’t convince her to go along with anything and she’s always maintained her position that she didn’t have much do to with the business affairs of their company and wasn’t aware what her financial advisors were doing.

Meanwhile, Todd and Julie’s daughter Savannah has said her father is being retaliated against in prison for speaking out on living conditions at Florida’s FPC Pensacola … and his lawyer tells us Todd should be congratulated, not criticized, for bringing those issues to the forefront.

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