Victoria Beckham selling ‘My dad had a Rolls-Royce’ T-shirts for £110 after viral clip

Victoria Beckham has cleverly jumped on the bandwagon of THAT viral clip of herself in husband David Beckham's Netflix documentary where she claimed she and her footballer husband came from "very working class families."

Now the Spice Girls star, 49, has debuted her own brand's £110 'My Dad Had A Rolls Royce' T-shirt on Instagram on Friday inspired by the hilarious moment.

During the hotly-anticipated Netflix docuseries, David interrupted Victoria's 'working class' claim and told her to be honest to which she insisted: "I am!"

He then repeatedly asked Victoria to reveal what car her dad used to drive her to school in. The fashion icon eventually gave in and admitted: "OK. In the '80s, my dad had a Rolls-Royce.'"

Fans couldn't stop talking about the iconic moment and Victoria is now embracing her hilarious comments as she launched her now-famous phrase on a T-shirt.

The fashion designer, 49, posted a photo of herself in the white slogan shirt with the words 'My Dad Had A Rolls Royce' emblazoned across it to her Story and wrote 'available now' with a link to her website.

Her website says the shirt "embodies the brand's playful side."

She followed the snap with the iconic clip from the Beckham series of the fashion designer claiming her family were "very, working, working class".

After she finally admitted her school drop-off mode of transport, viewers watched as David simply replied: "Thank you" and immediately left and closed the door behind him.

She also posted a cheeky video to TikTok as she showed off her new design and seemed to embrace the fact her comments in the documentary were among the most talked about moments.

She told her followers: "Now who doesn't love a slogan T-shirt? I do. And I have to say, my question for you all: What did your dad drive you to school in? My dad drove me, yes, in a Rolls-Royce."

It comes just a month after Beckham, the four-part series on Netflix, was released and followed David Beckham's rise to fame and fortune, along with his relationship with Victoria and their famous family.

Victoria and her husband David gave fans a closer look at their life in the public eye and even seemingly addressed the rumours of an alleged affair between David and his personal assistant Rebecca Loos.

Victoria is now reportedly in discussions for her own documentary, following the success of her husband David's Netflix series.

The former Spice Girl and fashion mogul's journey to fame could soon be on our screens, exploring her transition from pop star to fashion tycoon while raising four children.

According to a source who spoke to The Sun, the show would give a behind-the-scenes look at Victoria's hard work in reinventing herself and building her fashion empire.

It would also feature elements of her personal life, with appearances from David and her celebrity friends.

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