When is The Apprentice final? Where can I watch it?

When is The Apprentice final? Where can I watch it? Which contestants are left? Everything you need to know as Lord Sugar picks next business partner

It’s been 10 weeks of challenges and boardroom bickering for The Apprentice 2023 candidates.

But now things are finally coming to and end with just two episodes left in the current series. 

Last week the BBC show unveiled its all-female Final Five for the second year running – so who will be made Lord Sugar’s next business partner?. 

As the series draws to a close MailOnline tells you everything you need to know about the upcoming final:  

Line-up: Last week The Apprentice unveiled its all-female Final Five for the second year running ahead of the final

When is The Apprentice final? 

The all-important Interviews episode will take place on Thursday, March 16 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer at 9pm. 

This means the final episode, where this year’s winner will be announced, will take place on Thursday, March 23. 

In total there will have been 12 episodes in this series.

The two finalists must launch a new business and pitch it to Lord Sugar for the chance to win his £250,000 investment and become his next business partner. 

Who will be made Lord Sugar’s next business partner? As the series draws to a close MailOnline tells you everything you need to know about the upcoming final

How can I watch it?

The final will be broadcast live on BBC One at 9pm as usual.

Straight after it will be uploaded to BBC iPlayer so you can watch on catch up at anytime if that works better for you.

The final episode will have a running time of 60 minutes.

After the final The Apprentice: You’re Fired with comedian Tom Allen will air.  

Which candidates are left?

Last week following International Women’s Day, Dani Donovan, Marnie Swindells, Megan Hornby, Rochelle Anthony and Victoria Goulbourne were announced to be just two more tasks away from the highly-coveted £250,000 investment. 

They will take on the final interviews this Thursday (16) before the final next week. 

This week in the fan-favourite Interviews week, they will face the scrutiny of Lord Sugar’s most trusted advisors.

The team of business experts are primed and ready to pick apart business proposals and dig deep to find out who’s really got what it takes to become Lord Sugar’s next business partner.

Only two candidates can proceed to the final and secure the life-changing investment in their business.

Dani said: ‘It feels quite surreal, I never expected to get this far when entering the process. It was a massive shock, but from the number of times I’ve been on the winning team in tasks, I know I absolutely deserve to be in the final five.

‘I’ve thrown myself into every task and have given everything one-hundred and ten percent, and that I’m proud of.’

Marnie added: ‘I think the women this year had a bad start, but from task one onwards we really took charge then there was no stopping us.

‘All of the women were just a force to be reckoned with and we’ve all wanted to demonstrate what we’re capable of by putting ourselves out there and demonstrating our skills, we were all on a mission to get to the final.’

Drama: It’s been 10 weeks of challenges and boardroom bickering for The Apprentice 2023 candidates

Woohoo! Following International Women’s Day, Dani Donovan, Marnie Swindells (right), Megan Hornby (left), Rochelle Anthony and Victoria Goulbourne were announced to be just two more tasks away from the highly-coveted £250,000 investment

Tough: In next week’s episode, the fan-favourite Interviews week, they will face the scrutiny of Lord Sugar’s most trusted advisors (Victoria is pictured)

Deserving: Rochelle (left) gushed: I’m completely over the moon! Ecstatic and really proud to have got this far in the competition’ (Dani pictured, right)

Megan continued: ‘If you look at the final five, every single one of us threw ourselves into every single task.

‘We all put one-hundred and ten percent into every single task that we took part in, even if it was outside of our comfort zones. We tried to offer as much as we could every week and that’s the difference you can see, we gave it everything we could.’

Rochelle gushed: I’m completely over the moon! Ecstatic and really proud to have got this far in the competition.’

Victoria concluded: ‘It feels surreal, I wasn’t sure if I’d even be lucky enough to get a spot in the process, never mind make it through every single task and every single week.

‘When in actual fact, every single week I thought ‘Oh my God, I could get fired at any point,’ so to actually make it to the final five is amazing.’

What happened on last week’s episode?

In week 10, the candidates were tasked with creating and branding a new dog food before pitching to major retailers.

In the kitchen, one team wrangled with their recipe making a dog’s dinner of their signature dish, whilst on the other team a premium product failed to deliver.

On the branding teams, candidates bickered to be top dog. With plenty to chew over, Lord Sugar sent Simba Rwambiwa walkies.  

Bradley Johnson was project manager, and his team received no orders due to the product dyeing skin green when applied.

Lord Sugar said in the boardroom: ‘Simba, if you don’t say anything worth listening to, then are you somebody who could qualify to be my business partner?

‘They say every dog has its day and sadly, Simba, it’s nor your day. It is with regret, you’re fired!

Simba said in the taxi, ‘I really enjoyed the process. I’ve learnt so much about myself and about business as well and I wish the remaining final five all the best.’

Who won the show last year? 

Last year, Stephanie Afflek, Brittany Carter, Harpreet Kaur and Kathryn Louise Burn made history in the first ever all-female semi-final.

Harpreet is the current reigning champion, having started her dessert parlour business Oh So Yum in Bradford, with her sister Gurvinder and the help of Lord Sugar.

End of the road: With plenty to chew over, Lord Sugar sent Simba Rwambiwa home on last week’s episode leaving the final five women



Occupation: City banker

Location: London

Key info: Youngest candidate and believes that Lord Sugar’s investment will get him out of the “rat race” of city banking

He says: ‘Some say I’m delusional, I prefer the term optimistic.’


Occupation: Hair salon owner

Location: Hertfordshire

Key info: Believes she deserves to win the programme because her business fills a ‘huge gap’ in the market, saying: ‘It baffles me that no one has done it yet!’

She says: ‘I think I’m a different kind of business owner, someone who is a lot more relatable to people.’


Occupation: Senior account executive

Location: County Kildare

Key info: Laser focused on making her unique business idea a resounding success

She says: ‘I am disgustingly competitive. I will go to any lengths to win this investment.’


Occupation: Safari Guide

Location: Worcestershire

Key info: The “James Bond of the business world” with a degree in Zoology

He says: ‘If Lord Sugar wants to invest in a business to help save the ocean, one lip balm at a time, then I’m his guy.’


Occupation: Pest control company owner

Location: London

Key info: A former soldier who says he can ‘sell to anyone’ with the gift of the gab

He says: ‘If Lord Sugar doesn’t pick me, then he’s missing a trick.’ 


Occupation: Sweet shop and café owner

Location: East Yorkshire

Key info: She says her business fills a gap in the market and has the potential to be nationally recognised.

She says: ‘I think that no matter what situation I am thrown into, I will always give one hundred percent truth, even if it’s hard to hear.’


Occupation: Hair salon and academy owner

Location: Bedfordshire

Key info: Describes herself as ‘tenacious, fierce and determined’ and says together with Lord Sugar they would be ‘an absolute force to be reckoned with.’

She says: ‘I’m always being compared to the Kim Kardashian of the business world because I’m doing business with a hint of glam.’ 


Occupation: Technology recruiter

Location: London

Key info: Wants to champion a varied representation of diverse women in the world of business

She says: ‘I don’t need any friends in business. I am here to win this.’


Occupation: Martial arts school owner

Location: Southampton

Key info: Raised in a council house and worked hard to create business and warns other candidates to be ‘wary’

He says: ‘I am calm and collected, but if they do come at me? I will bite and I will sting, and I will leave my mark.’


Occupation: Director of construction company

Location: North Yorkshire 

Key info: Self-made business that turns over half-a-million after being made redundant just four years ago

He says: ‘I have a business plan that will see us turn over seven figures after year three and who knows where else that could take us.’


Occupation: Financial controller

Location: Leicestershire

Key info: Says she wants the investment opportunity because she wants to ‘be mentored by the best to be the best’

She says: ‘There’s only one Denisha Kaur.’


Occupation: Owner of an online antiques marketplace

Location: Shropshire

Key info: Previously worked as a professional cannon-firer in Malta

He says: ‘I would say, a willingness to try different things and not being afraid to be slightly different is one of my biggest strengths.’


Occupation: Accountant

Location: Dublin

Key info: Started his water sports equipment business during lockdown, whilst working in his job in the financial services

He says: ‘With Lord Sugar as my business partner, I know we can ride that wave into the UK and beyond…’


Occupation: Court advocate

Location: London

Key info: A gold medal-winning boxer and imaginative businesswoman

She says: ‘I deserve Lord Sugar’s investment because I have given my blood, sweat and tears to my business.’


Occupation: Theatre school owner

Location: Glasgow

Key info: Is determined to become the first Scottish candidate to secure Lord Sugar’s investment and claims to be the youngest CEO of a further education college in the UK

He says: ‘I’m here to prove that Scotland is filled with forward-thinking entrepreneurs and that we are not in fact a haggis-eating, kilt-wearing nation.’


Occupation: Bridal boutique owner

Location: West Yorkshire

Key info: Is hoping to be the first business partner to bring Lord Sugar into the lucrative bridal industry.

She says: ‘Lord Sugar needs to be my next business partner, so I can make him millions.’ 


Occupation: Senior sales representative

Location: Birmingham

Key info: Is a self-confessed ‘perfectionist’ who says his business will improve the quality of people’s lives

He says: ‘If people can’t buy into you, they’ll never buy anything from you.’


Occupation: Owner of online sweet business

Location: Merseyside

Key info: Former flight attendant who started business in lockdown which grew into social media success

She says: ‘I’ve travelled all over the world and am not afraid to take on a challenge.’


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