10 Easy Ways to Pull Off the TikTok-Approved E-Girl Aesthetic

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Drawing from anime and video-gaming cultures, e-girls typically experiment with dyed hair, exaggerated makeup (think vibrant, heavy eyeshadow), and playful accessories infused with a kidcore sensibility like busy prints and a mixture of textures. Members of the subculture spend a lot of time on social media, particularly TikTok and Tumblr. Just one search of the hashtag will reveal countless self-proclaimed e-girls drawing tiny hearts on their faces. As a Vox article explains, “They’re not amassing followers by going on vacations to St. Barts or Santorini every other week. More likely, they’re in their bedrooms, alone. Which is why you’ll almost never see an e-girl in real life.” To be an e-girl is to exist on a screen, the article continued, explaining that many e-girls are also frequent thrifters. Other popular destinations for e-girl looks include Urban Outfitters and Dolls Kill. The aesthetic embraces an edgy appearance and a strong sense of individuality. E-girl fashion essentials include crop tops, striped long-sleeved T-shirts, pleated skirts, chocker necklaces, and baggy trousers. One TikTok user, Alejandra Olivera, showcased her e-girl aesthetic in a recent video, where she wore a black bra top, a high-waisted pleated miniskirt in pink and black plaid, and black stockings with sporty white stripes. Read on for a guide to the popular fashion trend.

What Is the Meaning of an E-Girl?

Short for “electronic girl,” an e-girl is part of a fashion and lifestyle subculture that is defined by spending time online. Often compared to the emo or punk aesthetics, it typically involves winged eyeliner, heavy eye makeup, and a playful (or even juvenile) sense of style.

How Can I Achieve an E-Girl Aesthetic?

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