Beauty tech shares the huge lash extensions she's given to a client – but the results leave the internet divided | The Sun

A LASH technician has left the internet divided after promoting her VERY glam extensions on social media.

Detroit-based Noa L., 25, is a beauty pro who has recently taken the internet by storm with her extremely fluffy and glam eyelash extensions.

Although her clips are watched and liked by thousands on her Instagram page, one such video in particular has gone viral and left the online beauty community divided.

In the video, which has been viewed more than a whopping 1.7million times, Noa revealed one of her latest creations – a set so long and thick, you couldn't even see the client's eyelid, with the bottom row looking very extra too.

To top off the 28mm mega wispy extensions, the whizz had also added a couple glittery spikes by the corner of the eyes – however, it is unclear how much the person was charged for this masterpiece.

When it comes to anything glam, Noa is certainly not afraid of going all out, as her other work includes lashes in vibrant orange tones, blue feathers and splashes of red.

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Pleased with what she left the appointment, one woman thanked Noa: ''You did my lashes so beautiful per usual thank you!!!''

But although both the clients and Noa might've enjoyed the look of their fluffy extensions, the results left the internet divided.

There were those who described the glamorous lashes as ''gorgeous'', as well as countless heart eye emojis next to one another.

However, for the most part it appeared that Noa's work wasn't a hit amongst the viewers, some of whom were convinced this had to be a joke.

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''You can’t be freakin serious,'' commented one critic. 

After watching the video, another person thought: ''Y'all doing to much with these lashes now man.''

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''Nope,'' said one before adding, ''And no to those fake freckles too.''

Someone else chuckled: ''Her bottom lashes are as long as my top lashes lol.''

It appears that Noa was met with so much criticism online, she very soon turned the comments section off.

This is not the first time a lash whizz has gone viral – recently another beauty expert, Kimm, from Los Angeles, took the internet by storm after trolls described the £250 extensions as massive brooms.

While it not may be everyone's cup of tea, Kimm seems to have a regular stream of clients who request a similar look, as she regularly shares clips of people rocking her lash strips.

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After being met with criticism of letting beauty lovers leave the appointment ''with such embarrassment'', Kimm took it to TikTok to respond to the trolls.

''Everybody who keep commenting about the lashes saying they are too heavy and look ugly, DON'T wear them.''

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